1. tcratius


    This is my first time using Freebsd, ever. I have installed RPI3 freebsd 12.0 release on SSD card 15gb, no patches at this stage. My plan at this stage is to install the AMP part on the external hard drive which has been mounted and partitioned (30gb) for this to occur. Now I have read that...
  2. T

    RPi3B+ kernel config file

    I have attached a custom kernel config file for the RPi3B+ with debugging disabled. Debugging options are commented out so can be re-enabled if necessary. Kernel size is 9.9MB. NOTES: 1. Only FreeBSD 12.0-CURRENT supports the RPi3B+ and CURRENT is generally not supported on these forums...
  3. M

    Raspberry Pi 3 and poudriere

    Hello. I have an existing poudriere environment which I successfully use to build a set of ports for my RPi2s. I am trying my first pass at building the same set of ports for an RPi3. I have created my RPi3 jail with the following command: poudriere jail -c -x -j rpi3v12 -m svn -a...