1. mariourk

    Multiple Gateways

    Hi, I have a bit of a luxury problem on my hands. Since last week we got antoher fiber connection to the internet. That's right. We have not one, but two fiber lines :cool: However, this presents me with a problem I didn't anticipate. After activating the connection and testing it, everything...
  2. DiscmanDaemon

    Solved Giving jails network access through host's IP

    Hello all, I am looking to allow a processes inside jails to make network requests (such as DNS lookups, http requests, etc). The spit in the punch is that I wish to avoid giving them an alias on the host's NIC as I want to automate the creation and destruction of jails, and wish to avoid...
  3. S

    Solved Failing to route from wireless AP

    I was running a WAP from a Ralink PCI card. It worked fine except the signal was weak/spotty because the machine was in the basement. So I replaced the PCI WAP with an Intel network card and cabled that to a D-Link DAP-2330 upstairs. The signal is great now and I can see (tcpdump) traffic when I...
  4. nixdmon

    Jail networking issue

    Hey All, Need you assistance in solving this networking issue. I am running FreeBSD 11-STABLE on my server. Use this machine as a router / NAS. I am investing sometime in setting up jails. Brief overview of what my setup is, what I am trying to accomplish and what the issue is. System is...
  5. Rastko

    lagg0 denies router config

    Hi, I have set up the lagg0 failover virtual link that aggregates ethernet and radio adapters on my laptop. Everything works fine, except I cannot access my router configuration page. I've changed the firewall script to use interface "lagg0" in the rules, but I didn't change much, and the...
  6. fullauto2012

    Solved Geteway not forwarding

    root@gateway:/usr/home/tim.falardeau # netstat -rn Routing tables Internet: Destination Gateway Flags Netif Expire default UGS em0 link#1 U em0 link#1 UHS...
  7. andrewm659

    routing in jails

    Not sure this is the right part of the forums. Move it if necessary. I have my FreeBSD 11 server running jails (ezjail) and I just moved it to a new VLAN. Most everything inbound works. I have for example rancid setup in one of the jails. Works great. But since I moved it to a new VLAN...
  8. whoops

    ipv6 -host route to on-link gateway fails

    I've successfully reinstalled my OVH VPS with FreeBSD, so I'm well into unsupported territory here. Before reinstalling I did verify IPv6 works as expected under Linux. OVH's IPv6 configuration is a bit interesting. You can find the full instructions here, but the short version is: IP...
  9. S

    ECMP failover

    Hi! I have remote network which is routed via two gateways (RADIX_MPATH in kernel): Routing tables Internet: Destination Gateway Flags Netif Expire UGS ngeth1 UGS ngeth2 All works fine...
  10. M

    Userland ppp routing problem

    I have noticed a difference in behavior between ppp on FreeBSD 9.3 and FreeBSD 10.2 in what routes are added when a PPPoE session comes up. I have been using this configuration since FreeBSD 7+ My config with secrets and public IPs changed is as follows: default: set log Phase Chat IPCP CCP...

    No packets between hypervisor interface and guest

    I don't have traffic back between router and vm1. I've set pass all with logs enabled to see better packets flow. FreeBSD BOX: hypervisor vm1: VM guest router: wifi router gateway igb2: bridge0: tap0: router:
  12. S

    Slow uploading speed

    Hi, We're facing quite slow uploading speed on FreeBSD-10.X both over HTTP (NGINX) & over FTP. Hardware is quite strong with 4x1Gbps LACP / 65G RAM / 12x3TB SATA . There's not much load over HDDs so i suspect that maybe tcp tuning has some problem. Here is my sysctl.conf...
  13. Kalero

    Solved Can not ping from a VMware VM with FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE @ OVH (hosting company)

    Hi people, I'm trying to set up a server with FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE on a VMware VM @ OVH (hosting company) but, when I try to ping, I get a "host name lookup failure". It's very strange because I copied /etc/rc.conf and /etc/resolv.conf from the previous working installation with FreeBSD...
  14. ClayS

    Bridging problems

    I am trying to share a single 10Gb ethernet outlet in my office between two machines by bridging across a FreeBSD server using the second port on its 10Gb card. The bridge works quite well, and the other machine gets network service. The FreeBSD server, however, does not, even though I added an...
  15. bMalum

    IPv6 Jail Setup and Routing

    Hi everyone, Short: I want in FreeBSD Jails with Private IPv4-Addresses and Global Scope IPv6 Addresses. But iI can't get it to work. I have tried a lot, so iI can only tell you what iI have tried. For me it is possible to add an interface alias to re0 and I'm also able to ping it from around...