1. L

    ZFS zfs send | zfs recv: security considerations

    Hi, I have set up zfs send | zfs recv replication as an unprivileged user. The purpose is to have an off-site backup process that is a) fast, and b) secure, in the sense that a successful cryptolocker attack on the primary backup would be partitioned off by the dint of append-only replication...
  2. decuser

    ZFS zfs and realtime mirroring

    I'm curious if there's any kind of realtime (or lagging realtime) remote mirroring option for ZFS. I have plenty of mirroring going on locally, but I'd also like to mirror across the network to another server. I know enough about SEND and RECEIVE to know I can send snapshots, but what about in...
  3. rigoletto@

    Solved ZFS backup, some guidance needed.

    Hello, I have a FreeBSD desktop with two drives, both zfs: 1 - SSD: zroot pool [/] 2 - HDD: zdata pool [/home] I want to backup the zdata pool to a jail in my FreeBSD server since it seem to be a failing drive, what have five hdds: 1 - UFS (/) 2, 3, 4, 5 - ZFS: zfsdata pool [/usr/jails/]...
  4. dch

    ZFS recommend a bookmark-capable zfs snapshot tool?

    Does anybody know of a straightforward cron-friendly zfs replication tool that: takes scheduled snapshots (hourly, daily, weekly etc) can prune them handles replication supports bookmarks ideally supports resumables Most -> least wanted features.