remote access

  1. hishnik

    Solved Install package to Installation ISO environment?

    Hello. I'm trying to make custom FreeBSD install on VPS from installation ISO. All installation steps are available in ansible playbook, but it needs python interpreter installed. That's how I run sshd there: #!/bin/sh mkdir /tmp/etc mount_unionfs /tmp/etc /etc echo...
  2. K

    X11Forwarding over SSH + PuTTY(or something else)

    Hi, the friendliest IT-community of the world! You guys already helped me with my custom FreeBSD 13.2 installation on ZFS and now I need your help one more time. I've read that there's way not to use VNC things for remote access to my PC, but using only SSH and remote terminal program like...
  3. baaz

    NX server

    I was reading about the NoMachines NX server, I think its really nice idea ; Compressed & cached X11 sent over an encrypted tunnel (SSH) . And it looks like it also preformed well even on Dial up connections . But sadly it looks like the hole thing just died ? The net/freenx and the...
  4. Truculent_Freddi

    How to connect via remote desktop from Windows 10 to freebsd

    I need to connect remotely to freebsd from under Windows so that I can work with the system and at the same time have a graphical interface for convenient work