1. grahamperrin

    FreeBSD release engineering

    The FreeBSD Project | FreeBSD Release Engineering Thanks, maybe six months is a basis for something else. 11.4 was released around two months after 13.0, and so on, and (unless I'm missing something) I see nothing relating to six months or biannual at the release engineering page above...
  2. grahamperrin

    Solved FreeBSD 14.0 planning

    14.0-RELEASE some time in 2023, I guess. June 2021 FreeBSD Developer Summit: 14 0 Planning - YouTube <>
  3. A

    Solved Git src checkout from main to releng

    I'm on main branch of /src tree. git clone -o freebsd /usr/src Can I simply checkout to releng/13.0 by issuing following command: git checkout releng/13.0 and then pull/update releng/13.0? git pull --ff-only Question 1. Is that all, or there're some missing...