1. S

    PF [Still Unsolved] Redirect port from VPS to home server without using NAT

    HTTP(S) is just an example, I have many other services that wouldn't be able to communicate the real IP via a proxy, therefore PF solution is a must. I am referring to RDR and NAT as they are understood in the context of pf.conf (i.e. I mean the RDR and NAT statements). Both my VPS and Home...
  2. K

    IPFW Redirect/forward specific outbound traffic on WLAN to internal host

    I am trying to find out if it is possible to redirect the traffic of several Android systems on my WLAN to specific internal hosts using IPFW. It seems Android hardcodes specific NTP servers and does not honor the "ntp-servers" DHCP option, meaning I have to allow NTP traffic outbound for these...
  3. J

    PF redirection from a port to another

    Hi there, I'm too new to BSD and pf so I can't accomplish the following task and receiving generic "syntax error", maybe because of tables or macros. Here's the scenario: a server in DMZ with unbound (serving as resolver to other machines in DMZ) and NSD (authoritative for an Internet domain)...
  4. F

    Intermediate IP address

    Hi devs ! I had an idea about how can I reduce my costings but now I need someone who help me translating my idea into PF/IPFW rules. I would like to buy a cheap dedicated server unprotected against DDoS and a VPS protected anti-DDoS. I would like to host on dedicated server few games (udp...
  5. K

    relayd with a source IP NAT?

    I'm attempting to use relayd to act as an extremely simple load-balancer between two machines, however all 3 machines are on entirely different public networks. However, it seems that relayd is just creating a rdr rule in pf, not a nat rule as well, so the packet is redirected but maintains...
  6. Martian

    PF redirect local outgoing packets

    Hello, I'm trying to setup port multiplexing using sslh importantly I have to use that nice 'transparent' feature that makes traffic from sslh distributed locally to look like it comes from external interface. It looks something like this : Browser[A]-----------[http/ssl]-------> sslh[B 443]...
  7. A

    PF pf.conf and local redirection to domain

    Hi, How to properly redirect traffic from local network to domain. I have nginx, php, mysql, wordpress etc. When I am trying to open website not in wordpress using set domain it won't open, but outside network people can open without any issues. When trying to open on local address it works...
  8. D

    IPFW Is DNS hijacking possible on FreeBSD + IPFW?

    Hi All! I need to redirect all dns queries to local dns server (unbound) on router with FreeBSD 11 amd + ipfw nat. re0 - intranet [] alias on re0 for unbound [] re1 - internet [a.b.c.d] I try in various ways: ${FW} fwd,53 all from to not 53...