1. vijay

    IPoIB between FreeBSD and Linux using Mellanox CX-5

    Hi all. I am trying to get IPoIB working between FreeBSD (synced to 14.x) and a Linux host. I have enabled the following: options IPOIB_CM options SDP device mlx5 # Mellanox CX5/CX6 NIC device mlxfw # Mellanox Monolithic firmware update device...
  2. R

    Other iSER module not present.

    I am trying to use the iser module as detailed in the man page's alternative method to building the kernel. https://man.openbsd.org/FreeBSD-11.1/iser.4 I've checked both FreeBSD 11/12 and I cannot locate the module. Is there really a iSER module for FreeBSD?
  3. tbyte

    Other FreeBSD iSCSI iSER Target

    I dug around for an hour but what I found so far is that iSER is only supported in the initiator. And even for the initiator I need to recompile the kernel because the module seems to not be compiled in the distribution and as far as I read it needs "option OFED" (is it such a performance hit...