1. D

    Solved Startup script not found

    I am trying to adapt the script found here to my purposes: https://www.nginx.com/resources/wiki/start/topics/examples/freebsdspawnfcgi/ Initially I followed the instructions and put the script in /etc/rc.local but the script was then being triggered before nginx and mysql loaded. I need it to...
  2. Hornpipe2

    Solved rc.d + pidfile + ${name}_user = permission errors?

    I'm trying to create an rc.d script for an existing port (games/ioquake3-server), which will allow it to launch at system start, and be managed by the rc system. This software is "interactive" (opens a console on stdin for control), so I have to launch it using daemon instead to detach and keep...
  3. T

    Python rc.d with daemon(8), python and virtualenv

    Hi, I'd like to create an rc.d script that uses daemon(8) to manage a python(3) script with dependencies from virtualenv (daemonization, logging and be automatically restarted on exit). I am not sure what's the right way to approach this. My initial version used the script as command...
  4. P

    Other No chdir happening for rc.d script

    I've hit a wall trying to understand why the ${name}_chdir variable is not working for me. Finally, after letting my script run with -xv, I see that the cd command is not even being run in my case. Here is my script: #!/bin/sh set -xv exec 1>/tmp/awning.rclog 2>&1 # REQUIRE: NETWORKING...
  5. E

    Error upon boot after upgrading to 11-RELEASE / load_rc_config name

    I (seemingly) upgraded successfully to 11-RELEASE from a 10.3 machine. However upon reboot, the server is failing and unable to mount the partitions -- It's displaying: Trying to mount root from ufs:/dev/ada0s1a [rw]... /etc/rc: ERROR: USAGE: load_rc_config name Enter full pathname of shell or...