raspberry pi b

  1. sash

    Solved upgrade armv6 with cross-compilation on amd64

    guys, recently I got an old (but good) Raspberry Pi Model B+. It had some penguinas on board, but I prefer beasties, so I've downloaded 13.1-RELEASE image, burn to MicroSD card and boot from it, everything runs fine. There is the “build server” in my virtualization farm — amd64 VM. It pulls...
  2. Z

    UFS SD Card system disk is super slow on Raspberry Pi 1 B+ (armv6l)

    I have installed an official FreeBSD 13-RELEASE on Raspberry Pi 1 B+ (armv6l) with a Goodram Class 10 16GB SD Card (100 MBps R / 20 MBps W), yet the disk read/write speed is super slow (186 KBps): diskinfo -tv /dev/mmcsd0 /dev/mmcsd0 512 # sectorsize 15634268160...
  3. Bazzz

    Raspberry Pi B FreeBSD 11.2 does not boot with USB pendrive inserted

    I am trying to install FreeBSD on a Raspberry Pi B (not 2 or 3, the old one). I prepared an SD card with the FreeBSD 11.2 image from download.freebsd.org/ftp/snapshots/arm/armv6/ISO-IMAGES/ and booted the Pi with it. This seems to work fine. Then I added a USB pendrive, and used gpart to make a...
  4. G

    FreeBSD 11 hangs on rpi-B

    Hello, I am running the official FreeBSD 11 image on a Raspberry pi B and most of the things seem to work but I had a problem twice recently. My configuration: rpi-b with two externally powered USB disks, connected to my home LAN via ethernet. I also have a screen and a keyboard attached...
  5. G

    Other Mounting external USB disk during boot on raspberrypi

    I am running FreeBSD 11 on a Raspberrypi B+. I have added an externally powered USB drive and formatted it with ufs from the Raspberrypi itself. The drive is new: I bought it today and I performed a complete surface check before using it. So, after formatting it on the rpi I could mount it. I...
  6. K

    Raspberry Pi B+ and Xorg not works

    Hi. I'm trying to breathe life to Xorg under my RPi, without succes. I installed Xorg and xf86-video-scfb with pkg. Whenever i run startx, this is the result: xauth: file /root/.serverauth.948 does not exist xauth: (argv):1: bad display name "raspberry-pi:0" in "list" command xauth...
  7. E

    System freeze playing audio on Raspberry Pi B, FreeBSD 11.0

    I am trying to set up an audio player on a Raspberry Pi B with FreeBSD 11.0 Release. If I understand correctly, audio should be working with 11.0. sysctl output shows the availability of the VCHIQ driver and of a PCM device. However, when trying to play an audio file, no audio is played and...