1. Machiaveli

    UFS Experiences with building a softraid 1 using gmirror(8)

    Hello folks, I'm using a remote headless server on 11.4-REALEASE-p8 that is used to host services for my personal needs. The motherboard (an Intel DH67BL) handles softraid capabilities and thinking of using a second disk to make a raid 1. Reading the handbook at chapter 19.3.3, it's possible...
  2. S

    Solved Need help on RAID1 modification

    Hello, I have a machine with 4 HDD drives on pre-installed FreeBSD 12.2 with RAID1 for all 4 disks. Now I would like to change RAID configuration into 2 couples of RAID1, ada0 + ada1, and ada2+ada3, to have more disk space. Please advise me, a newbie on FreeBSD, the ways to do that. Thanks!
  3. Zamana

    ZFS ZFS: building "RAID1" with a "RAID0" that has previous data

    Hi! I'm sorry if I don't use the proper ZFS jargon... I would like to build a "RAID0 (concat)" first, put some data in it, and then build a second "RAID0 (concat)", and then create a "RAID1 (mirror)" in order to have the data on the first RAID0 mirrored to the second one, all of this using...
  4. A

    UFS UEFI booting with separate /boot partition

    I am in the process of migrating to UEFI on my laptop. I would like /boot to be on a separate partition in order to have / on GELI, but I cannot get the UEFI bootloader to play along. It finds both my mirrored /boot UFS partitions just fine, but refuses to continue because /boot/loader.efi does...