1. madwebness

    ZFS Migrate system from GELI encrypted zfs from a single disk to a RAID-1 mirror with two SSDs

    My current installation of FreeBSD 13.2 is on a single SSD disk. Unfortunately, at the time I was installing it, I had Linux running on the other two SSDs, which I now intend to use for FreeBSD. Those 2 SSD were, in fact, configured as RAID-1 mirror zfs under Linux and that worked great. Only, I...
  2. BosephusKingfish

    gmirror With GPT on boot volume

    I'm installing a new 13.2-RELEASE system with dual M.2 Samsung EVO 990 PRO 1TB SSDs. I'm attempting to make the second SSD a gmirror array, but it fails with: gmirror: Can't store metadata on /dev/nvd0: Operation not permitted. In my extensive searches, this appears to be that both GPT and...
  3. LibreQuest

    ZFS Raid Configuration Multi Disk

    It wasn't clear to me on the installer how I would Raid-1 3 sets of drives and then Raid-0 those 3 sets. Basically 2 x Raid-1 2x Raid-1 2x Raid-1 And Raid-0 the 3 logical drives. I hope I have explained well what I am looking at doing. If this is not something that can be done from the...
  4. D

    ZFS What to do with extra NVMe SSD after adding two HDDs that mirror each other?

    I have a desktop that has a 512 GB NVMe SSD. I am planning to repurpose the desktop as a file server by adding two 10 TB hard disks, and installing FreeBSD with ZFS on those two 10 TB hard disks (RAID 1, i.e. two disk mirror). It seems that I no longer have any use for the 512 GB SSD in this...
  5. Machiaveli

    UFS Experiences with building a softraid 1 using gmirror(8)

    Hello folks, I'm using a remote headless server on 11.4-REALEASE-p8 that is used to host services for my personal needs. The motherboard (an Intel DH67BL) handles softraid capabilities and thinking of using a second disk to make a raid 1. Reading the handbook at chapter 19.3.3, it's possible...
  6. J

    Solved Restore RAID-1 after changing a disc

    Hello, We have an emergency on a FreeBSD server. Here is the situation : We have a dedicated server (FreeBSD) with RAID-1 on wich one of the disc has crashed. The crashed disc has been replaced by a new one but we can’t boot on the FreeBSD system anymore. We can only boot in rescue mode on...