1. GavOnyx

    Other Qtile - unable to create keybindings that run a sh command

    I want to add custom key bindings in the qtile config (~/.config/qtile/config.py) to run arbitrary sh commands. Normally to do this one must access the prompt widget (mod+r), and then manually type the command. Instead I want to set a custom keybinding to essentially access the prompt widget...
  2. R

    Solved Qtile 0.17.1 and default twm boots into black screen

    So I installed all dependencies, then git checked latest version and did "pip install ." all went OK. then in my .xinitrc inside home folder I got these two lines: #!/bin/sh exec qtile start and when I type startx as user it loads into black screen. By the way, starting "startx" as root...
  3. D

    Other Install qtile window manager

    Hello, I'm new to FreeBSD and want to use Qtile(python) as my window manager. So I tried to install like: pkg install xinit xorg qtile I added exec qtile in .xinitrc and started X with startx. Now the errors which appear are: xcb.Exception: too few items in 'value_list' I guess there is...