1. Mormegil

    Peg package at specific version using poudriere?

    After updating my poudriere ports tree, sysutils/rubygem-facter was updated from version 2.4.6 to version 2.5.0. This is causing puppet to hang for 5-10 minutes at Info: Loading facts, but only for my bhyve virtual machines. I'm trying to track down differences between facts that test on eg...
  2. barrandrea

    Spacewalk for FreeBSD

    I've the necessity to manage easily the package and the related configurations files for a lot of 10.2 FreeBSD servers that typically host Java or PHP applications. I've seen for CentOs and RedHat the Spacewalk software and it work very good for these OS. There is something similar for FreeBSD...
  3. P

    List of Puppet-modules with FreeBSD-support

    Hi. I want to do a survey _only_ for peoples who really used Puppet for FreeBSD configuration. You can write (preferably with reference to the official page of the module), the modules that you use in your work? I want to get as much as possible the full list of modules that work today on...