1. Del.Mar

    Experience with xray-core

    Hi mates! Have somebody installed and used this proxy security/xray-core with FreeBSD? Please share the experience.
  2. hbsd

    Solved How do I setup v2ray?

    Hi, I've installed net/v2ray and I want to connect to a server. In the description of this software, it's said that you should edit config.json file and add the list of servers to it, but I don't see this file. Please guide me if you've used this proxy. Thanks
  3. I

    How to configure an entire OS to SOCKS5?

    I have a new FreeBSD 13 PC behind a firewall and need to connect to a SOCKS5 proxy to "go out". How do I configure the operating system to proxy to a fixed SOCKS IP address and fixed port?* * So all applications will just "go out" without configuring each one individually.
  4. C

    Enterprise-wide Web Archiving, Filtering, Logging Proxy

    I'm working on a system which I'd like to: Act as an enterprise-wide proxy with thousands of concurrent users. Log sites accessed by users/machines along with times and HTTP response codes (at a minimum.) Update a local style archive in a space-efficient manner, wherein subsequent...
  5. nik0tine

    Solved node.js behind apache24

    Happy new year guys! What is the most clever way to serve a node.js app, alongside an existing website hosted on freebsd? I want to serve the node app via https, on say port 3000 as I have already certbot doing this job just fine. WITH website on php Thanks alot for your suggestions (any!)...
  6. C

    Squid cache on RAM drive: good thing and possible?

    Hello all, my FreeBSD 11.4 box is working as a firewall (3 lan segments), dhcp/dns server and caching proxy with URL filtering (squid with squidGuard). This is on "plain" hardware: just a i5 4570 with a single HDD. The 8gb squid cache is on a separate 10Gb partition, to minimize UFS...
  7. J

    Solved Blocking request based on IP address in X-Forwarded-For header

    I have (courtesy of fail2ban + nginx) tables of IPs I would like to stop from accessing the server in any way (ssh, web, etc.). When they try to ssh, pf blocks them like it should. When they access the webserver directly, they get blocked. But when they access via a proxy, I have no idea what...
  8. K

    How to setup a FreeBSD server as a proxy

    Hi, I have a FreeBSD server "A" running in the cloud which offers an internet service. I want to have another FreeBSD server "B" which acts like a proxy for the server which runs my service and routes traffic from specific ports to that server for additional security reasons and administrative...
  9. J

    IPFW Transparent proxy squid

    Someone could tell me how I can make a transparent proxy with the IPFW and the squid, it's a bit urgent. Thanks.
  10. Ashik Khan

    FTP via Proxy is not Working

    I am trying to do ftp via proxy. I have configure /etc/pf.conf as proxy=ftp proxy IP proxyport=ftp proxy port # /etc/rc.d/pf restart No ALTQ support in kernel ALTQ related functions disabled Disabling pf. Enabling pf No ALTQ support in kernel ALTQ related functions disabled No ALTQ support in...
  11. H

    Solved freebsd-update to new release behind proxy

    Hi there, I have a FreeBSD for developing purposes running as a client in an Oracle Virtualbox with version 11.0 From time to time I do freebsd-update to get the kernel up-to-date, but for some weeks now it urges me to upgrade to release-11.1. This is the result: root@cookiebox #...
  12. V

    Network access in virtual machine

    Hi all. I've been thinking of moving to FreeBSD from Linux for a while now and wanted to try it out first. I wanted a bit of a challenge rather than a ready made desktop version, hence the choice of FreeBSD rather than PC-BSD. I installed the latest stable version as a virtual machine. The...
  13. F

    Fetching behind a proxy, Authentication Error

    Afternoon all, At work I have a VM on my laptop for testing and general respite from Windows, it's running FreeBSD 10.3: bil@fbsd-bil:guessing_game %>uname -a FreeBSD fbsd-bil 10.3-RELEASE-p3 FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE-p3 #0: Tue May 17 08:43:55 UTC 2016...
  14. C

    Advice for selecting a proper FreeBSD platform for proxy/URL filtering

    Hello all, since 2002 I had a FreeBSD 3.x installation, in the role of firewall and proxy, with URL filtering. Not fancy hardware, just a Pentium 4 system with a 2Gb and a hdd to serve the needs of 130 (at the time again) users. The WAN link was a 1Mbps ADSL line. In 2008 the system got a WAN...
  15. U

    How to cicrumvent company proxy server?

    Hello to you all, I'm currently working for an international organization in South Asia, where I'm based in a quite remote location. As there is no local internet provider, I have a VSAT in my office (house), which directs all internet traffic to the company's proxy server at HQ in Switzerland...