1. D

    pppoe, jails, firewalls and me

    Hey Community, I want to try something but need some advice before I start. If I open a pppoe connection on a machine which has some jails instantiated, could these (maybe compromised) jails do something nasty with that tun device? In my understanding the kernel creates the pppoe device which...
  2. PaulWebster

    Issue with PPPoE via Vigor 120 modem

    Hey all I have PPPoA to premesis and I want to run it in PPPoE mode so I can get a public ip on my gateway, the hardware in question is thus: http://www.draytek.co.uk/products/business/vigor-120 which is known working with freebsd and PPPoE/A,I am trying to use the following ppp.conf: default...
  3. A

    ppp causing Fatal data abort in ng_snd_item on Raspberry Pi 3

    I am trying to migrate from my FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE #0 r274401 amd64 system to a FreeBSD 12.0-CURRENT #0 r313109M arm64 (Raspberry Pi 3) system. So much has gone so well, but now I've reached a real show-stopper. My link to the Internet is PPPoE. I have migrated my ppp.conf file to the RP3...
  4. M

    PF NAT failing for large payload pings

    I have noticed an odd problem with NAT in pf and was wondering if this should behave the way it is. The router host is running pf doing NAT and a PPPoE connection to the internet using /usr/sbin/ppp (a.k.a. user-ppp). The ppp session is not doing any NATing. An extract of my pf.conf is as...
  5. M

    pppconf - small utility for configure PPPoE

    Hi! My name is Bogdan Nikolaev, i'm from Eysk, Russia. I'm writed small program for very easy configuring PPPoE connection - pppconf. What is works? Simple, pppconf ask few questions and create valid ppp.conf file. Program written in C and can be compiled using GCC at least version 4.2.1...
  6. epopen

    IPv6 newbie but dual stack @ PPPoE won't get public IP address from ISP

    Hi All. I am a IPv6 newbie, and trying it dual stack @ PPPoE, And allow web server income connection from native IPv6 network. but can't get public IPv6 address @ tun0 still. Can help me? Description below. Server: FreeBSD 10.2-RELEASE-p6 i386 Simple stand-alone server (No router, no...