pppconf - small utility for configure PPPoE

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Hi! My name is Bogdan Nikolaev, i'm from Eysk, Russia.
I'm writed small program for very easy configuring PPPoE connection - pppconf.
What is works? Simple, pppconf ask few questions and create valid ppp.conf file.
Program written in C and can be compiled using GCC at least version 4.2.1
Official repository: http://github.com/monobogdan/pppconf
Clone repository to your PC:
git clone https://github.com/monobogdan/pppconf
Run following commands:
sh build.sh
sh install.sh
Run pppconf:
And enter your user name, user password and interface name(sk0 for example)
pppconf generates ppp.conf file and you can connect to internet using this command:
pppconf -connect

This program is licensed under GNU GPL license
Very nice program. I will be sure to give it a try next time I need to configure PPPoE (alas I'm on DHCP right now).
Thank you for sharing :D
A GUI may be very useful, but I would avoid having an X server as a requirement to use this tool. I personally often run without any kind of window display mechanism when working on network stuff. Perhaps a conditional GUI, ie default to command line if X is not running. That's my two cents on this.