1. M

    Mac Mini [Powerpc] - Problem installing pkg

    Hello! I installed with success the FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE on my Apple Mac Mini G4 (A1103), but I am having some issues to installing pkg My network card doesnt work, this way, when I try to install some packages via cd0 using bsdconfig, I get the error below When i try to use the bsdconfig ->...
  2. R

    [powerpc] iBook G4 USB Boot issues

    I have a ibook G4 that doesn't have a working cd drive :/ I am using the current build's memstick image, latest as of posting this thead. I am getting an "Invalid Memory Access" while after the kernel gets loaded so i'm guessing before execution. I have tried multiple OS including OpenBSD, many...
  3. N

    OpenJDK on PPC?

    I have an old PowerBook G4 that I wanted to use for some Arduino development. Arduino 1.8 has a dependency on OpenJDK. FreshPorts indicates that OpenJDK as “ONLY_FOR_ARCHS: aarch64 amd64 armv6 armv7 i386 powerpc powerpc64” So that is good, however, bootstrap-OpenJDK (a dependency) shows...
  4. msplsh

    powerpc: Kernel panic on install

    I'm having a problem installing on a PowerMac3,1 400Mhz where I trigger this patch. https://svnweb.freebsd.org/base?view=revision&revision=297466 https://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/svn-src-head/2016-November/094009.html It panics with "timed sleep before timers are working" and reboots...
  5. P

    FreeBSD on an IBM Virtual I/O Server (VIOS)

    Hi, I like to install FreeBSD on an IBM Virtual I/O Server (VIOS). The current VIOS version (v2.2.3.50 - Standard Edition) is installed and VIOS is running on an IBM Power 720 Express (Model 8202-E4D). The following operating systems are successfully installed using the dvd-ram drive: IBM i...