1. A

    What is proper method to create a local mirror of pkg package repositories now that pkg.freebsd.org returns 401 when attempting to sync

    Hi Freebsd Forum community, We run a large installation of Freebsd 11 and 12 servers that have historically utilized a local FreeBSD package repository mirror on-premise that we sync periodically. The method we have been using for years -- since the official repositories were poisoned a few...
  2. joel.bodenmann

    Reasons to start using poudrier

    I'm running about 10 FreeBSD servers and 1 desktop (two to three in the near future). So far I've always used pkg to install and maintain software. Yesterday I started reading about poudrier. I understand that this is a tool / collection of scripts to automate the process of building binary...
  3. Alain De Vos

    Building kernel and world in a poudriere jail

    Can I build a kernel and world in a poudriere jail? Is there a kernel and world port ? Or how to do ?
  4. gladiola

    Preserving Successful Builds with Poudriere and git, rsync, or similar

    Got my poudriere server up and running fairly steady. However, sometimes I see a package that I want built will succeed in one run but fail in another. I would like to know how others preserve their successful builds in these situations. How do you do it? For example, with a build in...
  5. Alain De Vos

    poudriere seems to like to rebuild everything

    I would like to rebuild only what is necessary. In a file pkglist.txt i have 400 ports listed This is how i run poudriere. pkglist="./pkglist.txt" jail="poudbjail" port="local" time nice -n 15 poudriere bulk -j $jail -p $port -f $pkglist This command currently want to build 700 packages. I...
  6. mjollnir

    Do not use ports-mgmt/portmaster and other tools who build in the main system

    Please consult Howto build ports with ports-mgmt/poudriere for a set of historically evolved issues concerning the ports tree. Please consult the well-known Recursive Make Considered Harmful for reasons why such tools do not handle the build process theoretically sound -- they do not use make...
  7. B

    Solved How to resolve checksum error on port build

    I need to build an older version of samba. To do this I need to build its dependencies. I am using Poudriere and am down to the last two dependencies needed before samba will build. However, I cannot get past this error: =======================<phase: checksum...
  8. B

    Solved poudriere [00:00:01] Error: Missing mnt metadata for portstree

    I am trying out poudriere for the first time and I am getting this error message when I try and run it. This is how it was set up: pkg install poudriere vi /usr/local/etc/poudriere.conf poudriere jail -c -j freebsd_12-1x64 -v 12.1-RELEASE poudriere jail -l JAILNAME VERSION...
  9. J

    pkg update error for any repo

    Hi! I have a server running on FreeBSD-11.1-Release. Today (yes, too late) I`ve updated it to 11.3-R: server:/usr/local/etc/pkg/repos # uname -a FreeBSD server 11.3-RELEASE-p7 FreeBSD 11.3-RELEASE-p7 #0: Tue Mar 17 08:32:23 UTC 2020...
  10. F

    Poudriere Bulk error while compiling perl5.30

    Hello Everyone, Background: FreeBSD 11.3-STABLE #0 r359109 I am facing an error while compiling perl5.30 using poudriere bulk with the following: (I am compiling it for particular reasons/customization) Pathname for the site-specific library files? (~name ok) [/usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl]...
  11. NapoleonWils0n

    Solved ffplay not installed with ffmpeg does it require sdl

    When you install the ffmpeg package ffplay isnt installed Looking at the ffmpeg freshports page there is a comment for ffplay @comment bin/ffplay I may be wrong but i think ffplay requires sdl which is off by default in the config options SDL=off: Simple Direct Media Layer support Can anyone...
  12. C

    poudriere questions

    Hello, I have 2 questions about poudriere. I am building an poudriere build system to create packages for my FreeBSD servers at work. I create a list ( ports.list) of software I want to build. The last step I build the packages with poudriere bulk -j jailx -p local -f /path/ports.list...
  13. CrunchBerry

    qemu-aarch64-static 13-Current r346657 amd64 host vm, is it supposed to work? (It does, with caveats, debug guidance appreciated)

    so I've been playing with a raspberry pi 3, and have it running the base system, so I tried moving on to package building with ports-mgmt/poudriere. found out I can't build 13-Head packages on my 12-releng-p3 main OS so stood up a bhyve with 13-Head r346657 . then built a ports-mgmt/poudriere...
  14. B

    Poudriere bulk failure

    I have two separate servers, one of them with an intel i3 processor and one with an i7. Poudriere is set up exactly the same way on both. Host OS is 12.0-RELEASE. UFS only. The poudriere.conf file is set up the same on both. Jails on each were created to build arm64 ports, downloading...
  15. marcelbonnet

    Solved poudriere fails, but make on host does not

    Hi, everyone. I tried to build java/eclipse (eclipse-4.6_2) but it failed with poudriere. The last lines from the log don't make it clear to me. But, compiling the port directly on the host, worked (cd /usr/ports/java/eclipse && make install clean) My machine has 8 cores and 8GB RAM. Would be...
  16. marcelbonnet

    Solved Panic when building ports with poudriere

    Hi, I'm having troubles building ports with poudriere (see attached image). I was using tmpfs=yes and cache is active . My laptop has 8 cores and 8GB RAM. The problem happened even reducing parallel jobs to 6 or 3 . Any suggestions, please?
  17. qabulin

    Solved Poudriere build of gconf2 fail in aarch64 jail

    Hey all, I’m having a little difficulty troubleshooting why devel/gconf2 is failing to build. This is my first time to use Poudriere, so any hints would be welcome. Am I reading this right and is it tripping up on devel/ORBit2? I’m failing to understand how to troubleshoot this further, and...
  18. Sevendogsbsd

    Solved Questions about Poudriere and ccache

    So, user Vermaden suggested I write a HOWTO about my implementation of ccache and tmpfs, based on my success in (possibly) decreasing the build time of packages so other folks who use ports-mgmt/poudriere could potentially benefit as well. Before I do this, I want to be sure the numbers I am...
  19. alx82

    pkg keeps reinstalling already autoremoved packages

    I have a poudriere repository that I use to build firefox, cmus, scilab and few other packages. Now, I have some packages that I don't longer need, and no other installed packages depend on them. sudo pkg autoremove Installed packages to be REMOVED: ORBit2-2.14.19_2 lapack-3.5.0_5...
  20. Alain De Vos

    How to find and delete old and obsolete packages build in a poudriere jail repo?

    My poidriere jail repo got filled. But i don't want to keep what is too old. What is the correct way to find and remove the too old in the poudriere repo.