1. qabulin

    Poudriere build of gconf2 fail in aarch64 jail

    Hey all, I’m having a little difficulty troubleshooting why devel/gconf2 is failing to build. This is my first time to use Poudriere, so any hints would be welcome. Am I reading this right and is it tripping up on devel/ORBit2? I’m failing to understand how to troubleshoot this further, and...
  2. Sevendogsbsd

    Solved Questions about Poudriere and ccache

    So, user Vermaden suggested I write a HOWTO about my implementation of ccache and tmpfs, based on my success in (possibly) decreasing the build time of packages so other folks who use ports-mgmt/poudriere could potentially benefit as well. Before I do this, I want to be sure the numbers I am...
  3. alx82

    pkg keeps reinstalling already autoremoved packages

    I have a poudriere repository that I use to build firefox, cmus, scilab and few other packages. Now, I have some packages that I don't longer need, and no other installed packages depend on them. sudo pkg autoremove Installed packages to be REMOVED: ORBit2-2.14.19_2 lapack-3.5.0_5...
  4. Alain De Vos

    How to find and delete old and obsolete packages build in a poudriere jail repo?

    My poidriere jail repo got filled. But i don't want to keep what is too old. What is the correct way to find and remove the too old in the poudriere repo.
  5. S

    Building default flavour of fftw3 with poudriere

    Hello, I am attempting to build the default flavour of fftw3 (3.3.8_1) from a git repo using poudriere (3.2.6) on Freebsd-11.2-RELEASE in a jail with the same FreeBSD version. The Makefile specifies that the default favour builds mpi versions of the libraries and installs the corresponding...
  6. D

    Solved Problem running poudriere in a jail

    I followed the instructions given in https://github.com/freebsd/poudriere/wiki/poudriere_in_jail and it all went very well until I actually went to build the packages. When I run poudriere bulk I get the error Error: load_moved requires PWD=/data/poudriere//.m/11maglev-packages/ref/.p. Here's...
  7. Rastko

    Solved poudriere on ZFS: write failed, filesystem full

    Hi, I am a newbie to ZFS, but I've installed it on my laptop in order to learn about it (hey, it's a free country). I am totatlly confused about what are the recommended poudriere.conf settings to use? For example, there is the memory setting to use instead of TMPFS, but I configure TMPFS to...
  8. poorandunlucky

    poudriere skipping on ports tree update

    Hey, poudriere is updating a ports tree, and it's outputting several of these lines: Skipping dcc4625435f9d3a1db4d30a09ed241036c9fc7d85a8fc5ba0b43f3407675d877-515a81b88166d5426ce73cca5c457a2d4b07e42cf7fdef1f1 Skipping...
  9. M

    Raspberry Pi 3 and poudriere

    Hello. I have an existing poudriere environment which I successfully use to build a set of ports for my RPi2s. I am trying my first pass at building the same set of ports for an RPi3. I have created my RPi3 jail with the following command: poudriere jail -c -x -j rpi3v12 -m svn -a...
  10. poorandunlucky

    How do you deal with conflicts? (Version, Poudriere)

    I'm trying to install a bunch of (userland) stuff using Poudriere, and I'm coming across version conflicts... For instance, I'm trying to install a media server that requires MySQL 5.6, but I want to run MySQL 5.7 for my own purposes. When I use pkg install mediaserver, it says there's a...
  11. O

    OpenSIPS: How to force to compile with OpenSSL from base instead of LibreSSL?

    Hello, I'm building all my packages with poudriere and they are linked with LibreSSL (using "DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=ssl=libressl-devel" in my make.conf) I'd like to use net/opensips but it doesn't works with LibreSSL, I'm getting this error messages: ERROR:tls_mgm:mod_init: unable to set the memory...
  12. Mormegil

    Peg package at specific version using poudriere?

    After updating my poudriere ports tree, sysutils/rubygem-facter was updated from version 2.4.6 to version 2.5.0. This is causing puppet to hang for 5-10 minutes at Info: Loading facts, but only for my bhyve virtual machines. I'm trying to track down differences between facts that test on eg...

    Setting poudriere options on a single port

    I'm not sure if this is possible but I would like to change an option from poudriere.conf, but only for a specific port, specifically devel/llvm. The problem is when I try to compile devel/llvm I think the builder might be running out of tmpfs space because it claims : /usr/bin/ld: final link...
  14. S

    Poudriere: Build different versions of the same package

    I am using ports-mgmt/poudriere to compile packages with just the options I need. These are then exported via a webserver for FreeBSD clients to download. One of the packages I build is lang/php71 (with lang/php71-extensions and lang/mod_php71). Now I also want to build lang/php70, because some...
  15. aaronbaugher

    Why is poudriere building lang/php56?

    I've just started using poudriere, and it's awesome; I'm blown away by how easy it makes things. But I'm running into one puzzle I can't figure out. I created the list of files to give poudriere bulk -f with portmaster --list-origins, on a system with php 7.1 installed, so there are a couple...
  16. T

    Solved llvm40 package invalid after being built with poudriere

    Hi, I am experiencing a strange problem. For a while now I have been using poudriere to build my packages. I am running FreeBSD 11 Stable on amd64 and the poudriere jail is on the same revision as the host system. Poudriere, packaging upgrading, etc. works for the most part. But a problem...
  17. F

    Converting from portmaster to pkg/poudriere

    I am looking to switch from using portmaster management to pkg/poudriere for management. I already have poudriere setup on an outside system and I am using it for some machines which I built using the poudriere setup from the beginning. I would like to begin using the poudriere/pkg setup for...
  18. gladiola

    Solved Failed or ignored ports in poudriere

    I'm working through a tutorial on poudriere. ( https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-set-up-a-poudriere-build-system-to-create-packages-for-your-freebsd-servers) I started yesterday; it'll probably be four or five hours before the ports are finished compiling. So far, about 5...
  19. J

    Solved poudriere: jail update Error

    Hi, I would like to update all jails from poudriere. The both FreeBSD 12 Jails are created via svn. # poudriere jail -u -j 12amd64 [00:00:00] ====>> Upgrading using svn [00:00:00] ====>> Updating the sources from svn.../lib/libc.so.7: version FBSD_1.5 required by /usr/local/lib/libapr-1.so.0...
  20. uzsolt

    poudriere and distcc

    Is it possible to use ports-mgmt/poudriere with devel/distcc? And if yes, how?