poudriere options

  1. astyle

    poudriere ports -u

    Need some help understanding what poudriere-ports does... Specifically when I run the command poudriere ports -u... I tried googling around, but have been unable to find any usable examples of specifically that option. I can imagine it's something like portsnap extract math/adol-c (assuming that...
  2. byrnejb

    Solved Poudriere pkg options

    I am trying to get a version of the ncurses library built with debugging and trace enabled. I set the options I desired using poudriere options. poudriere options -s -p PORTS_12_2 devel/ncurses ===> The following configuration options are available for ncurses-6.2.20210626: DEBUG=on...
  3. byrnejb

    Poudriere and Git

    Is there any way to configure Poudriere to pull ports from a branch of the github port repository to build?
  4. Gerard

    Poudriere ignoring options options file

    I have been trying to build mail/postfix-current-sasl with both mysql amd lmdb suipport using poudriere. I configured the ports correctly using poudriere and then build them. For whatever reason, poudriere is ignoring the options file for postfix. I have attached both the poudriere build log and...
  5. Sevendogsbsd

    HOWTO: Speeding up poudriere build times

    Using ports-mgmt/poudriere with devel/ccache, tmpfs and parallel jobs can speed up your package build times. How much depends entirely on your hardware. Keep in mind there are quite a few pages out on the Internet about this so when I did my set up, I pulled from several. My aim for this HOWTO...
  6. poorandunlucky

    Poudrière - Setting Options

    So I finally caved-in and installed Poudrière, and I don't regret it, however, after building Firefox, I'm now trying to build other ports, and so I gingerly type poudriere options -j jailname -p profilename x11/something and it's asking me for options for things like LLVM4.0 (which I really...