poudriere jail

  1. A

    poudriere jail error "lstat of newly made dir failed: File name too long"

    Need some help trying to set up poudriere for single host server. Only installed a few packages so far for instance: git, ccache. Was able to create poudriere jail using "poudriere jail -c ..." Was able to download ports tree using "poudriere ports -c" environment: 13.1-RELEASE on dell r710...
  2. Sivan!

    Pool and Jail in Poudriere

    While getting started with Poudriere I edited the poudriere.conf file to say zpool=mypool (dumb. It probably denotes a pool that I am supposed to have set up with my name) following instructions from https://github.com/freebsd/poudriere/wiki/pkg_repos and on the next terminal commands, I find...
  3. T

    dependencies and OPTIONS

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to improve the manageability, IMO, of ports. However, I'm in need of advises to overcome some challenges I'm encountering. This tool gives a very nice tree view. Since you could have different (poudriere) 'sets' and make.conf file(s), this manual usage becomes...