poudriere jail

  1. nxjoseph

    Solved How to run multiple jails simultaneously without building already built packages in other jail

    Hello. Is it possible to run multiple jails simultaneously without building packages that already built in other jail? I created a jail while other one is running but once I tried to bulk with dry-run mode to see but it said that it would build a lot of packages but they are already built in...
  2. A

    poudriere jail error "lstat of newly made dir failed: File name too long"

    Need some help trying to set up poudriere for single host server. Only installed a few packages so far for instance: git, ccache. Was able to create poudriere jail using "poudriere jail -c ..." Was able to download ports tree using "poudriere ports -c" environment: 13.1-RELEASE on dell r710...
  3. Sivan!

    Pool and Jail in Poudriere

    While getting started with Poudriere I edited the poudriere.conf file to say zpool=mypool (dumb. It probably denotes a pool that I am supposed to have set up with my name) following instructions from https://github.com/freebsd/poudriere/wiki/pkg_repos and on the next terminal commands, I find...
  4. T

    dependencies and OPTIONS

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to improve the manageability, IMO, of ports. However, I'm in need of advises to overcome some challenges I'm encountering. This tool gives a very nice tree view. Since you could have different (poudriere) 'sets' and make.conf file(s), this manual usage becomes...