1. J

    C strerror_r best practices, POSIX vs GNU

    In many C programs, I have the need to convert an errno into a printable string. Since strerror is not thread-safe and perror only works with stderr, I resort to using strerror_r, see strerror_r. However, there are two different definitions of this function: int strerror_r(int errnum, char...
  2. Uni:X

    Shell Standard Commands in FreeBSD

    Hello EveryOne😊🙏🏽, currently am exploring the default Command Lines of FreeBSD 14.0-RELEASE-p2 From POSIX XCU standard, there is 160 commands Reference : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_POSIX_commands https://pubs.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/9699919799/idx/utilities.html...
  3. D

    POSIX man pages on FreeBSD

    Does FreeBSD provide man pages for POSIX? In Debian and Ubuntu, I usually install the "manpages-posix" and "manpages-posix-dev" packages to get POSIX man pages. Is there something similar for FreeBSD?
  4. BaronBS

    ELI5: Guys, I have a few questions about programming and FreeBSD

    1- What would be the best way to learn posix with focus on BSD's, shell and Perl? 2- Is there another language for sysadmins besides shell and Perl? 3- What is the best way to navigate the FreeBSD source code? 4- What are the languages most used in FreeBSD development? PS.: I'm not a developer...
  5. StreetDancer

    FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE-p11 - ezjail-admin - Jail not loading maiad_enable="YES" on start; only manual start.

    Hey everyone! I have a Mail Server Jail that uses dovecot, postfix and maia (security/maia); dovecot and postfix start automatically when the jail starts or restarts; it's maiad that does not. I have to manually do: # service maiad start (and then it loads fine and my mail server...
  6. D

    Why doesn't chmod 7 set the delete flags in NFSv4?

    I am trying to learn more about NFSv4 ACLs and their mapping to POSIX ACLs. I was surprised to find that when I issue a chmod on a file with a 7 (e.g. chmod 755 or chmod 777) the resulting NFSv4 ACL does not have the Dd flags set. This is confusing to me, because I am able to delete the file...
  7. zirias@

    C Behavior of connect() with O_NONBLOCK on a Unix domain socket

    For a service that can optionally listen on a local (Unix) socket, I want to implement detection of a "stale" socket, so it can startup without user intervention in this case by just unlinking the stale socket. As my service is designed around an event loop using pselect, I put all sockets into...
  8. J

    C POSIX compliant Makefile - Pattern Rules?

    I'm trying to remove any implementation specific (GNU Make) details from my Makefiles but having a hard time fixing some issues. The structure of my projects is like so; myapp/ Makefile src/ foo/ foo1.c foo2.c bar/ bar1.c obj/ 1) The mere presence of an...