portupgrade perl conflict

  1. Sivan!

    Solved Portupgrade build error related to graphics firmware

    Following a Perl version error on which make (firefox) stopped: # /usr/ports/www/ cd /usr/ports/www/firefox && make reinstall clean ===> firefox-100.0_1,2 depends on executable: node - not found Error a dependency refers to a non existing origin: /usr/ports/www/node in BUILD_DEPENDS ===>...
  2. multix

    Solved Upgrading packages, perl conflict problem

    Hi, Since I did a 9.x -> 10.1 upgrade, I am rebuilding ports, even if they were quite up-to-date. I get this strange error with perl: ====> Compressing man pages (compress-man) ===> Installing for perl5-5.18.4_17 ===> Checking if perl5 already installed ===> Registering installation for...