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  1. tonyalbers

    Airgapped FreeBSD hosts, how do we install stuff on the and upgrade them?

    Hiya, So, we have quite a few hosts that are on networks with no internet access. And of course I'd like to keep them updated. We have the possibility of setting up an internal repository for this(that can be allowed to have limited internet access), we already have those in place for Red Hat...
  2. john_rambo

    Solved Why Ports ? Why not only pkg ?

    I never installed a single app using ports. Two reasons for that. The first reason is less powerful hardware. The second reason is I never understood the reason behind the creation of this ports system. I mean when installing a package is a simple pkg install <package> why waste time in...
  3. pestslent1

    did not find harfbuzz-icu

    I am using 12.2-RELEASE-p4 with a up to date ports tree on a 8 core (pre-Ryzen) cpu with 16GB of ram. It is a fresh install, ( I am using the ports tree) the last two programs (libreoffice & virtualbox-ose) will not install and show the same error while building: configure: error: did not find...
  4. Mjölnir

    Reviews & Comparisons section?

    Wouldn't it be a good idea to have a review section here in the forum? For sharing experiences & impressions on software from ports? Especially it would be useful to have such review section to publish & criticize comparisons of ports that are aimed to serve the same purpose. Since it is...
  5. D

    X.org port won't install

    This is my first bout with FreeBSD, having decided to give a non-Linux *nix a whirl (I've installed a dual-boot setup on a laptop, but I'm trying to learn the ropes first on a VM; I've downloaded the .vhd file.) I decided to try to install everything via ports (since I've read that pkg and...
  6. DiscmanDaemon

    manually mark a port as installed

    Hello all, I am attempting to build firefox on ARM64. As you may know, this is problematic on account of Rust (a dependency of Firefox) being broken on aarch64. However, thanks to the efforts of the rust port team, there are some binary versions of Rust I want to try out and see if firefox can...
  7. N

    Solved Pidgin won't build

    Hello I would like to build and install net-im/pidgin, but the process halts due to a missing dependency: ... checking for X11... yes checking for XScreenSaverRegister in -lXext... no checking for XScreenSaverRegister in -lXss... no configure: error: XScreenSaver extension development headers...