1. J

    x11/polybar now with CPU & memory support

    A few days ago I created some patches for x11/polybar to make the CPU and the memory modules work under FreeBSD. These patches were now committed to the ports tree. Previously, polybar was working on FreeBSD but displaying CPU load & memory usage information didn't work. No more my friends -...
  2. rigoletto@

    Solved Polybar: I want to give it a try.

    Hi! There is this very nice bar called Polybar. It currently does not build in FreeBSD but someone already gave some HINTS on how to make it possible: Adding an #ifdef _FreeBSD_ for sys/endian.h statement. Disabling -Werror and pedantic errors, I guess the author uses gcc and clang has...
  3. rigoletto@

    Solved WIKI: WantedPorts

    Hello! What are the rules, or where I can find them, to add a software to the WantedPorts WIKI page. I would like to add polybar if allowed to. I tried to port it but it seem to need a higher knowledge and abilities than I have. The problems, and some (possible) solutions are already pointed...