1. D

    Anyone use pkgsrc on FreeBSD?

    I want to use pkgsrc to get the latest version of texlive (our texlive stuck at 20150521). Unfortunately, pkgsrc bootstrap always failed for me with this error: cc -L/test/pkgsrc/bootstrap/work/libnbcompat -L../lib -o pkg_create main.o perform.o pl.o util.o build.o -linstall...
  2. clawhammer

    how would I go about getting pkgsrc packages without internet?

    Can I download these to a usb drive and install them on my netbsd laptop? EDIT: I mainly want to get emacs on my computer.
  3. O

    Multiple ports trees on one system

    Good afternoon, I'm working on a project to enable users to easily install additional ports trees using different $PORTSDIR and $PREFIX on the same system. My primary motivation is to enable static ports installations for long-term scientific studies, where upgrading installed packages...