pkg autoremove

  1. N

    Solved pkg autoremove detecting non-orphaned dependencies

    I'm a bit new so excuse me if this is a basic question. I installed vice-3.7.1 on FreeBSD 14.0-RELEASE via the ports collection, and now pkg autoremove is detecting all of Vice's dependencies as orphaned. I did not expect this since the handbook said both pkg and ports understand dependencies. I...
  2. BaronBS

    pkg autoremove gave me a sqlite error

    Here is the screenshot: Do you guys have any idea about whats is causing this behavior?
  3. elgrande

    Dependencies broken for kf5-kio

    Hello, I have the impression the dependencies for kf5-kio are somehow broken on my laptop. When I pkg autroremove is deletes required dependencies, resulting in errors in pkg check -d -a. Details: root@elawfreebsdo:~ # pkg autoremove Checking integrity... done (0 conflicting) Deinstallation...
  4. byrnejb

    Solved FreeBSD-12.3p0 - pkg autoremove

    I ran pkg autoremove -n to see if there was any clutter on my desktop. It reported some 380 packages to be removed. I ran pkg leaf and discovered that some packages I had installed were listed by pkg autoremove. pkg autoremove -n > # get list of pkgs to be removed. pkg leaf >...
  5. Voltaire

    pkg autoremove removes wrong packages

    I've noticed something in pkg autoremove's behavior that could potentially be a bug or unwanted behavior. Yesterday I did pkg autoremove. These were the packages it then removed: I've only installed packages via pkg, and never installed custom builds or anything like that. If I do pkg upgrade...
  6. B

    Cleanup and switch fromports to packages

    I have a server running 11.3-p7 that has been upgraded over time since about 2009. When I originally built it, I chose not to use packages and I have been regretting that decision for years due to how much time it takes to handle updates. As I did not initially intend for it to be a server, I...