pkg audit

  1. Sparkee

    Solved FreeBSD update, pkg audit server

    Do we have a list with all/some IP's where a FreeBSD server needs to connect while using pkg audit and freebsd-update? Is there a way to get notified if they change? I need them for a firewall ACL
  2. quamenzullo

    Solved Package found vulnerable in a jail, but not on the host

    Hi! How is it possible to have the same package, same version, same OS to be found vulnerable in a jail but not on the host? Inside a fresh pkg upgraded jail: root@web1:~ # pkg audit curl-7.82.0_1 is vulnerable: cURL -- Multiple vulnerabilities ... 1 problem(s) in 1 installed package(s)...
  3. simplerezo

    pkg audit / vuln.xml / no more updates for base system and kernel ??

    Hi ! I'm using pkg audit to get report about current "vulnerabilities" for ports and also for FreeBSD base/kernel using that special syntax: pkg audit FreeBSD-11.2_2 && pkg audit FreeBSD-kernel-11.2_2 But it looks like vuln.xml is not anymore updated about FreeBSD SA since 12.0p3/11.2p9 ...
  4. patpro

    Daily security scripts: best practice for jails?

    Hello, I'm running a FreeBSD 10.1 RELEASE host with 13 web server jails. Periodic scripts run fine, but they can run for a very long time before returning a result, especially the daily security script: Checking for packages with security vulnerabilities: Host system: Database fetched: Wed...