1. F

    Php 56 on FreeBSD12

    Hi guys! I still need to use php56 for my whmcs website because modules are encoded for php5 and I don't have idea how to install it on FreeBSD 12. Actually I need a way to downgrade pkg for latest version of php5. Thank you!
  2. G

    php 5.4 > 5.6 Upgrade

    Been trawling though some old threads here and have got part of the way through upgrading php5.4 to php5.6 on an old FreeBSD 9.3-RELEASE box but could really use some help on cleaning up the old php extensions that remain. Started off with the following installed: root@dev08:/usr/ports # pkg...
  3. mariourk

    PHP-5.6 and PostgreSQL-9.4

    Hi, I'm trying to get Nginx with PHP-5.6 and PostgreSQL-9.4 working. I can install PostgreSQL-9.4 without any problems. But as soon as I install databases/php56-pgsql, pkg will downgrade databases/postgresql94-client to databases/postgresql94-client. And that causes some problems. For example...