PHP-5.6 and PostgreSQL-9.4


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I'm trying to get Nginx with PHP-5.6 and PostgreSQL-9.4 working. I can install PostgreSQL-9.4 without any problems. But as soon as I install databases/php56-pgsql, pkg will downgrade databases/postgresql94-client to databases/postgresql94-client. And that causes some problems. For example, I can't make any dumps of databases with pg_dump(1), because the client and the database are not the same version.

What is the best course of action in this case? Is there any way to get postgresql94-client working? Or should I downgrade the database from 9.4 to 9.3?

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Oh man, how could I have missed that?
Well, quite easily actually. I struggle myself sometimes if the context of the sentence doesn't provide a clue that there is a link in there somewhere. Which brings up the obvious question. Is there any way to make links more visible? Either globally in the forums or locally in my personal settings?