1. B

    FreeBSD 12.1 Release Signed Checksum Signatures Good Signature but key expired.

    Hi All, When I verify the FreeBSD 12.1 Release signed checksum signature using gpg it say good signature but the key has expired. I tried it with -
  2. spag

    security/gnupg: gpg: signing failed: Invalid IPC response

    Hi, I am having a problem with signing things, any idea what I am doing wrong? #echo test | gpg -a --sign --verbose --debug ipc gpg: Note: no default option file '/root/.gnupg/gpg.conf' gpg: Warning: using insecure memory! gpg: enabled debug flags: ipc gpg: DBG: chan_3 <- OK Pleased to meet you...
  3. emilengler

    Solved PGP keys and signatures for release images

    Hello, are there release signatures for the ISOs? If so where do I get it and the keys? I am very paranoid at verifying ISOs so I just want to get sure.
  4. M

    gpg-agent, pinentry problem

    Hi, I have upgraded my FreeBSD from 10.3 to 11. After upgrade had some problems with xorg and some other stuff and I thoughtlessly removed my thunderbird with enigmail and other things connected to gpg keys. I've installed thunderbird and enigmail. Hopefully I have my private key (I think so)...