1. D


    Can Someone help me with some tutorials and other things about altq? Thanks.
  2. arader

    PF Antispoof line in pf.conf kills networking?

    Hi all, I've set up a simple FreeBSD router for my network, and I'm seeing something rather confusing happen with pf. My network is essentially {internet}--{FreeBSD igb0}-{FreeBSD igb1}--{switch}--{WiFi AP} I have a pf.conf file that is very basic, the intent is allow everything "out", and drop...
  3. sidetone

    PF Guide: pf.conf quick reference

    PF is divided into the sections: * Macros - Variables are defined in this section. This simplifies changing hardware, or makes it easier to list a lot of arguments as a variable. IP's are not set here, but instead in the next section. * Tables - Variables for IP's are defined here. This can be...