1. D

    PF Anchor not working

    Hello all, I have an anchor for tagging packets based on their source IP origin country. For this I create a bunch of files inside /etc/firewall/tables/dynamic/ which contain the network prefixes for a certain country. For example, here is the output of head...
  2. E

    PF redirect all traffic to the local mitmproxy on MAC

    Hello, I'm trying to use mitmproxy to sniff my Android and know my Whatsapp Password. In order to do that, I read in the mitmproxy doc that I have to "redirect all traffic destined for port 80 or 443 to the local mitmproxy instance running on port 8080"...
  3. S

    PF Can PF be bypassed?

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if PF can be by-passed by an outsider(intruder)? I have an IP address that has already been in my ip.blocked table for two days and still its scans reach the web platform of the site where it is blocked by a firewall add-on/plugin at application level. Any help is welcome.
  4. quamenzullo

    Solved Questions about a pf.conf

    In order to present these questions, I think it's necessary to tell all the following circumstances. I'm playing with pf on a new server (not in production, no data on it yet, I can reinstall from scratch if necessary, but there's also a "rescue-bsd" mode that lets me mount the filesystems and...
  5. D


    Can Someone help me with some tutorials and other things about altq? Thanks.
  6. arader

    PF Antispoof line in pf.conf kills networking?

    Hi all, I've set up a simple FreeBSD router for my network, and I'm seeing something rather confusing happen with pf. My network is essentially {internet}--{FreeBSD igb0}-{FreeBSD igb1}--{switch}--{WiFi AP} I have a pf.conf file that is very basic, the intent is allow everything "out", and drop...
  7. sidetone

    Guide: pf.conf quick reference

    PF is divided into the sections: * Macros - Variables are defined in this section. This simplifies changing hardware, or makes it easier to list a lot of arguments as a variable. IP's are not set here, but instead in the next section. * Tables - Variables for IP's are defined here. This can be...