1. JohnnySorocil

    bhyve WLAN passthru

    I want to pass my WLAN card to bhyve VM. Host is FreeBSD 13.0-RC5, tried on FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Linux guests. WLAN card is M.2 device and works on host. Passing another PCIe card (PCIe x4 LAN) to guests works. WLAN card on host: Apr 7 12:11:55 zen-pobro kernel: ath0: <Atheros AR946x/AR948x>...
  2. nerozero

    bhyve bhyve, passthru cause mrsas to fail

    Hello, The story: we needed dedicated USB port on windows machine on bhyve so we installed a dedicated USB host controller: uPD720202 USB 3.0 Host Controller detached it and attached ppt driver to it : devctl detach pci0:1:0:0 && devctl set driver pci0:1:0:0 ppt ~~~ vm config win7 ~~~ ------...
  3. D

    No guest interrupts for passthru device - how do I troubleshoot?

    I am attempting to pass-through an i210 based network adapter to an OpenBSD 6.3 guest running under bhyve. There is nothing amiss in dmesg; the card shows up on the guest as expected: em0 at pci0 dev 10 function 0 "Intel I210" rev 0x03: msi, address 68:05:ca:82:a9:64 But, the pass-through...
  4. kaN5300

    bhyve pci_paththru. bge0: attaching PHYs failed on the guest side

    Hello! Having troubles with passing pci device to the guest. Here is what we have: Host: FreeBSD web2 11.1-RELEASE FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE #0 r321309: Fri Jul 21 02:08:28 UTC 2017 amd64 cat /boot/loder.conf | grep ppt pciconf -vl |...
  5. aragats

    PCI passthrough stops working at certain conditions

    I have several bhyve guest OSs in FreeBSD 11-CURRENT. I never run two guests with the same PCI pass-through device. I pass trough a PCI device (USB controller) to a Linux guest. It works properly. Then I halt the VM, make sure that bhyve destroyed it and run Windows guest with the same PCI...