1. hishnik

    Other Is it possible to store GELI keys and passphrase on separate disk, while booting?

    Hello. I'm using GELI on my laptop for whole disk encryption. Boot partition is located on separate thumb-drive. My loader.conf contains such strings for decryption: The questions are: 1. Is it possible to move this keys to another thumb drive in such a way that loader could find them while...
  2. R

    ZFS Is it possible to start a machine with geli password and a keyfile, located on a usb and geli boots from the local disks

    Hi, On this forum and on internet many things are found about GELI. What I was looking for is: - That GELI boots from the local disks on the machine - It works with a passphrase and a keyfile. - The keyfile is located on a USB I have the impression this setup is not possible, but I want to...
  3. I

    How to change passphrase for encrypted ZFS disk?

    How to change passphrase for encrypted ZFS disk for FreeBSD 13? I saw this post, but "/boot/encryption.key" is not found. Do I change the passphrase by booting into the disk, or booting into the install-disk? And, if I boot into the install-disk, how do I mount the specific partition to change...
  4. F

    Solved Geli passphrase prompt and keyboard layout

    Hi, I'm experimenting with geli encryption on a spare laptop. I've activated ZFS root encryption from the FreeBSD installer. I'm using a french keyboard layout. After POST, Geli prompts me for the passphrase with a US keyboard layout. That's annoying. I've set the...
  5. B

    Solved System wide GELI encryption password change

    I've set up remote VPS systems with GELI disk encryption, including swap encryption, during FreeBSD 12.2 installation. I've locked down SSH quite securely too so I presume now when remoting in, security is reasonably assured. I want to address the possibility that within the VPS terminal's web...
  6. vlig

    Encrypted ZFS and liveUSB

    Hello! I have a laptop with FreeBSD on encrypted ZFS. When I try to load with FreeBSD USB stick I always asked for geli passphrase. What is the strange behavior?? It is boot USB drive, isn't it? And if I wish to make a clean FreeBSD install? Tried with nomadBSD - all the same, tried with Arch...
  7. sHagen

    uefi + geli + zfs: password twice?

    Hello, I have exactly the same problem, which is also described in this thread. However, the solution does not work for me. Before the beastie menu, the boot loader asks for the password. No matter what I enter there, the boot process continues. Later, when the root system is to be mounted...