1. subnetspider

    BGP on FreeBSD VPS and OSPF over VPN?

    Hello everyone, Over the last year and a half I have learned a lot about IPv6, but unfortunately I am limited by my available ISPs (only dynamic IPv6 prefixes or prohibitively expensive business contracts). So I was thinking about getting my own ASN and renting a PI /48 IPv6 prefix so I can use...
  2. nbari

    how to route traffic from the interface that arrives

    I am announcing an IPv6 prefix via OSPF (bird2) to some routers, from the routers I can reach/ping the FreeBSD server, but I not from the internet: (internet) | | R1 --------- R2 \ / FreeBSD I am peering the node via wireguard using link-local and if I...
  3. M

    I cant access to internet in OSPF routing with BIRD

    Hello I have a scenario on my network that you can see in the photo. I have two hardware with freebsd11.1 (R1 ^ R2) that enable OSPF routing with bird 1.6.3 The PC1 and PC2 are easily connected and the whole routing is established. But the first hardware (R1) has access to the Internet. How can...