1. BaronBS

    Solved Poudriere and custom kernels

    Guys, good evening folks. My setup is: I build world and kernel (Generic) on my host and I use poudriere to build all ports that I use (around 1200). I want to play with the Kernel configuration and build a custom kernel for my T430. For now I don't want to put any port module inside the...
  2. T

    dependencies and OPTIONS

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to improve the manageability, IMO, of ports. However, I'm in need of advises to overcome some challenges I'm encountering. This tool gives a very nice tree view. Since you could have different (poudriere) 'sets' and make.conf file(s), this manual usage becomes...
  3. C

    Difference between 'device' and 'options'

    According to config(5) manual, 'devices' are defined in sys/conf/files and 'options' are defined in sys/conf/options, but it seems to me both keywords would make the feature built into kernel, so I am not sure which one I should use in a kernel config file? Can anyone help explain the exact...
  4. S

    Poudriere: Build different versions of the same package

    I am using ports-mgmt/poudriere to compile packages with just the options I need. These are then exported via a webserver for FreeBSD clients to download. One of the packages I build is lang/php71 (with lang/php71-extensions and lang/mod_php71). Now I also want to build lang/php70, because some...
  5. dave

    pkg list origins?

    If I have some origins set for pkg using a command like.. # pkg set -o lang/php56:lang/php54 ... then how do I list and manage those settings? I.e. if I have a machine I am not familiar with, how can I check what options have been changed for pkg using the set command?