1. gpw928

    ZFS Informative SSD Benchmark

    Vermaden's Valuable News – 2022/09/19 has a link to a great article on Exploring the Best ZFS ZIL SLOG SSD with Intel Optane and NAND. It looks at the relative performances of various types of (mostly enterprise class) SSDs, with mixes of SATA, NVMe (U2, M2, and PCIe), and Optane devices. They...
  2. gpw928

    Other Vale Optane

    I knew that Intel had sold off its SSD business to SK hynix, but didn't know that the Optane business is being written off with a half billion dollar impairment. Ouch!
  3. N

    Solved ZFS configuration & cost effectiveness of it on PCs

    Edit: I realized I knew too little about ZFS when I wrote this. Sorry guys. Hello, I don't have a ECC memory so I don't want ZFS to use memory as ARC. I have a 256 GB M.2 PCIE SSD and 1 TB of HDD. And I will buy a 32 GB Optane module. And I have a SATA SSD 256 GB. How much for ZIL needed for...