1. KubikPixel

    Samba. OpenLDAP & Kerberos < 100 Clients

    A beginner's question: Does it make sense to set up a server in a company (<100 Win Clients) as follows. Samba. OpenLDAP & Kerberos and run each in its own jail. Is that too much of a good and possibly more insecure than just Samba? The clients are all Windows 10 as well as 6 printers and 1...
  2. T

    Downgrade to earlier version after install the Openldap server

    Can I install earlier version of Openldap server to my jail host since My jail system is version 10.3? but I have install openldap version 2.4.46.
  3. T

    slapd couldn't start

    When I try to run the slapd and I got the warning said its could not start, after that I got check with my debug file it shows What should i do?
  4. F

    "id: no such user" when getent passwd lists the user

    I have setup an ldap server and client (same machine for now). I am now able to have ldap users listed in getent passwd and getent group, but commands like id and sudo don't recognize these users. Furthermore, ls lists the uids of the users as opposed to the usernames when permissions refer to...
  5. T

    Solved Openldap TLS: could not use certificate

    I am trying to setup openldap to use TLS with openssl. After following the instructions at and fixing the permissions issues, I ran into this: TLS: could not use certificate `/usr/local/etc/openldap/certs/cert.csr'. TLS: error:0909006C: PEM...
  6. Z

    Solved Trail for leting users to login to all desktops on the local network ?

    Hi Guys, Is there something I could read to provide the same kind of service as Active Directory on a small network desktop ? The need is to let users to login any machine and to retrieve an access to their data. At least, allow them to log to any desktop on the network would be cool. Any...
  7. S

    cannot send mail with postfix and dovecot

    Another question about mail server. I follow many tutorial and their instructions to set up a mail server on my Freebsd11 machine. when I run the swaks --from --to --server <ip>:25, the output of /var/log/dovecot-error is: deliver( Fatal...
  8. S

    Solved mail server error: /usr/lib/dovecot/deliver: No such file or directory

    I'm on FreeBSD11. I want to setup a mail server with postfix and dovecot with ldap backend. I encounter with this error in /var/log/maillog: /usr/lib/dovecot/deliver: No such file or directory configs are: #ee dovecot unix - n n - - pipe...

    Too secure /tmp for OpenLDAP and OpenDKIM

    I have a problem with permissions on /tmp folder. I've changed permissions from drwxrwxrwt root wheel tmp/todrwxr-xr-t root wheel tmp/Then I could not start OpenLDAP. Can someone support me with this issue? (I want to keep 1755 permissions) slapd[78705]: @(#) $OpenLDAP: slapd 2.4.45 (Jul 2 2017...
  10. S

    chat server useing openldap authentication

    Hi, I want to setting up a chat server on my server. I found xampp jabber can do this for me and pidgin for Jabber Clients. My problem is the jabber should use openldap authentication. I searched but I don't find any tutorial about configuration of openlap. Thanks all,
  11. V

    Solved Openldap fails to start on boot

    Hi! Recently I've upgraded a FreeBSD server from v. 9.3 to v. 11.0 (through 10.3 because it "cowardly" refused to continue). The system was using the old pkg_ so I deinstalled all ports and after the final update I freshly installed all of them. I am using OpenLDAP on this system -...
  12. xmj

    fractal cells - FreeBSD-based All-In-One solution for software development startups

    I’ve been working hard on ‪fractal cells, creating the All-In-One solution for software development startups. With fractal cells, you can easily transform a stock FreeBSD server into a fractal cells production environment. The hardware requirements are simple: You can run it on a VPS as small...
  13. K

    ldappasswd of USER

    Hi, I installed PAM, NSS, and LDAP authentication. I have two rule host: 183 -- installed OpenLDAP server 123-- installed OpenLDAP client. My LDAP system works fine. But what I want to do is: When I login into SSH using LDAP user, I want them to change the password using ldappasswd but when...