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  1. Curtis Hamilton

    OpenJDK8 Native PPC64 Build

    As a follow-up to my earlier post last fall, I've been able to create a true native ppc64 build of OpenJDK8. This is not a Zero VM based (interpreted) JDK, but a true native ppc64 JIT build using the Linux PPC code set. Should anyone be interested, I can make the software available.
  2. D

    Raspberry Pi & Java Question

    Hi, forgive me if its posted somewhere else, I couldn't seem to find it. Recently, I've been playing around w/with FreeBSD 11-CURRENT w/with the Raspberry Pi Images. They seem to work great for a headless solution! Video output does seem a little slow though... One major barrier for me, and my...
  3. E

    Install OpenJDK 8 but java -version still 1.7

    Dear All, I follow the guide to install OpenJDK8 in FreeBSD 10.x but I still get 1.7 from java -version? I use OpenJDK7 for more than couple years but now a software forces me to upgrade for 1.8 thus I install OpenJDK8. What should I do to make OpenJDK8 as the default of java -version in...