1. mehdi

    Solved How to Install a Package without its Runtime Dependencies.

    devel/leiningen has no maintainer. pkg install leiningen wants to install the java/openjdk8 as a dependency, but I would like to use the devel/leiningen with openjdk11. There is also a newer release for leiningen, which pkg doesn't have it. How can I instruct the pkg-install to not install...
  2. I

    Enable ZGC in OpenJDK ports?

    I was wondering if anyone can shed light on why ZGC is not enabled in the FreeBSD ports for OpenJDK. From what I can find ZGC "should" function on FreeBSD, with that said I was finding conflicting information. Could anyone give me a bit more detail / direction? Is it something I can enable in my...
  3. N

    OpenJDK on PPC?

    I have an old PowerBook G4 that I wanted to use for some Arduino development. Arduino 1.8 has a dependency on OpenJDK. FreshPorts indicates that OpenJDK as “ONLY_FOR_ARCHS: aarch64 amd64 armv6 armv7 i386 powerpc powerpc64” So that is good, however, bootstrap-OpenJDK (a dependency) shows...
  4. nielsk

    Problems installing java/openjdk8

    Hi, i have on a couple of new servers the problem that the configuration of the port java/openjdk8 fails. I found a bug in the bug reports from August or September but no response there. So maybe someone can help me here. I am running 11.0-STABLE with a custom kernel and a stripped down world...
  5. Curtis Hamilton

    OpenJDK8 Native PPC64 Build

    As a follow-up to my earlier post last fall, I've been able to create a true native ppc64 build of OpenJDK8. This is not a Zero VM based (interpreted) JDK, but a true native ppc64 JIT build using the Linux PPC code set. Should anyone be interested, I can make the software available.
  6. Kalero

    Need to run a Java 1.3 application

    Hi, I need to run an application that requires Java JRE 1.3 version, in FreeBSD. As far as I know, the proprietary version of Java is unavailable for FreeBSD, so we need to have the OpenJDK, but I can't find the OpenJDK 1.3 version. Any idea of what could I do? Many thanks.