1. micski

    No Sendmail milter calls nor OpenDKIM activity in mail log

    I can not seem to get Sendmail and OpenDKIM to sign outgoing messages, so in the quest for possible causes, I would like to turn to the mail log and system log. However, neither of these logs has entries about Sendmail milter calls nor OpenDKIM activity. I tried to raise log levels for Sendmail...

    OpenDKIM slows to a crawl outgoing mails at Postfix

    Hello! The issue is like in the subject. OpenDKIM signs mails and it takes too much time. Example (50 MB mail size): Without OpenDKIM: transmission time is around 5 sec. With OpenDKIM: transmission time is around 120 sec. I was looking at Postfix logs and the issue was by the OpenDKIM. So...
  3. M

    Dovecot emails not signed by DKIM

    I'm using mail/opendkim to sign all emails for my domain. It's working correctly when any email is sent directly form the server (PHPMailer, WordPress, Forum, etc). However when I try to send email from home (using my domains mailbox), anything dovecot handles does not get signed when the email...
  4. M

    Solved Cron Emails & OpenDKIM?

    Is there any reason why cron emails are not signed by OpenDKIM? My server is setup so all emails are delivered via postfix (sendmail is disabled). The cron emails are delivered from <user> If I manually send an email from "", the email is digitally...

    OpenDKIM does not use my own name servers

    I use OpenDKIM and it works ok. I pnly have a problem with verifing incoming mails. opendkim[]: key retrieval failed (s=20161025, '' unexpected reply class/type (-1/-1) The following command works s I'm able to verify DNS entries from the server. host...
  6. M

    Solved OpenDKIM not starting anymore

    Hello all, I have a problem with opendkim not starting anymore on my FreeBSD machine and I hope you can help me solve it. The opendkim package I'm using is 2.10.3 installed through "pkg install"on FreeBSD 10.2 RELEASE p13. If I try to run the service normally everything seems fine...