No Sendmail milter calls nor OpenDKIM activity in mail log

I can not seem to get Sendmail and OpenDKIM to sign outgoing messages, so in the quest for possible causes, I would like to turn to the mail log and system log. However, neither of these logs has entries about Sendmail milter calls nor OpenDKIM activity.

I tried to raise log levels for Sendmail and OpenDKIM in their respective configuration files, but this had no effect. The entries, that are currently logged in the mail log, are unrelated entries about sent mail and spam rejections, but nothing about problems with OpenDKIM nor milter calls to OpenDKIM from Sendmail.

I am unsure about the correct milter identifier for OpenDKIM. This could be related to correct logging. When I installed it from packages, the message said dkim-filter, but many FreeBSD posts seem to use opendkim. ChatGPT insist on this identifier on FreeBSD as well. I tried both and other qualified guesses. Nothing in the logs to confirm it. I searched the OpenDKIM manual, FreeBSD documentation and local file system for evidence, but could not confirm the identifier.

# pkg install opendkim
Message from opendkim-2.10.3_16:
In order to run this port, write your opendkim.conf and:
if you use sendmail, add the milter socket `socketspec' in
INPUT_MAIL_FILTER(`dkim-filter', `S=_YOUR_SOCKET_SPEC_, F=T, T=R:2m')

OpenDKIM 2.10 and Sendmail 8.17 on FreeBSD 13.2.

1. What is the procedure for raising log levels to include milter calls by Sendmail?

2. What is the procedure for enabling logging and raising log level to include signing activity and problems by OpenDKIM?

3. What is the correct milter identifier for OpenDKIM, when installed from the packages?

I will be very thankful for any tips and help.
For what it is worth, I forgot to install the configuration file for Sendmail after editing and before restarting sendmail. This sequence is not that clear in the FreeBSD handbook chapter 31 about electronic mail, but is indicated in 31.7.4, and in the Makefile in /etc/mail.

For what is worth, I find, that the procedure for changing the configuration of Sendmail is as follows:

# cd /etc/mail
# vi `hostname`.mc
# make
# make install
# make restart