1. I

    bhyve Installing "bhyve-firmware" to use bhyve

    I executed "pkg add bhyve-firmware-1.0_1.pkg" and it responded with this notice: Isn't 1.01 the latest version? (I got it from I'm a little confused what should I do. I'm trying to run OpenBSD using bhyve (which I understand requires the bhyve-firmware package). Thanks!
  2. sidetone

    Share your OpenBSD or OpenBSD derivative experience (for FreeBSD users)

    For FreeBSD users who have used OpenBSD, Fugulta or any OpenBSD derivative, what is your experience with it? I've never used them, though, I thought a discussion on them would provide useful insight. It would have been better if someone who has used it started a thread like this, but it hasn't...
  3. LibreQuest

    Solved Adding an OpenBSD feature to my boot loader

    I would like input on how I could add a live disk to my boot loader, similar to OpenBSD ramdisk. Other than leaving a live disk on USB in a USB port, would there be an easy way to do this? I find the feature to present some interesting options for disk management. EDIT: I wanted to add a...
  4. LibreQuest

    Solved 32bit efi Asus Aspire Switch 10

    I purchased an Asus Aspire Switch 10 tablet / laptop with windows 10 yesterday and tried to install FreeBSD. I noticed there was no available 32bit efi in the installer. I have installed OpenBSD now using their 32bit efi with a 64bit install. Is there any way I can install to this hardware with...
  5. L

    PF pf not working (state-mismatch)

    I using pf firewall on FreeBSD for socket IPV6 IPV6_BINDANY option. In OpenBSD tested pf, good working. But not working in FreeBSD. # test.c: #include <stdio.h> #include <arpa/inet.h> #include <unistd.h> #include <netinet/in.h> #include <sys/socket.h> const char...
  6. Nick-6

    Solved GEOM: invalid disklabel

    I would like to multi-boot FreeBSD[13.1-RESEASE], OpenBSD[7.1] and Debian[sid] on my SSD. Before doing it on physical disks, I tried it on VirtualBox on my FreeBSD-13.1-RELEASE. I installed OpenBSD on ada0p4 with full disk encryption. To do/practice it twice, I booted into FreeBSD, delete and...
  7. D

    emulators/dolphin-emu hard dependency on pulseaudio?

    I was going to install emulators/dolphin-emu today but noticed the binary package installs pulseaudio, something I've built ports before to explicitly not have. So I tried to build the port manually, but it's barren of any build options (including any options for sound). I looked to see if this...
  8. N

    Solved FreeBSD release for building an OpenBSD

    Hi, I was going through the following man page about building openbsd image using Freebsd13 server.It looks this feature recently started supporting openbsd.. Did any one built openbsd using above utilitity ? I am...
  9. Cath O'Deray

    Benchmarks: FreeBSD 13 vs. NetBSD 9.2 vs. OpenBSD 7 vs. DragonFlyBSD 6 vs. Linux - Phoronix

    February 2021 (FreeBSD 13 BETA): December 2021 (FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE): FreeBSD 13.0 only...
  10. ceteris

    qemu 12.2-RELEASE and QEMU w/ tap networking

    Hello all, I am trying to use QEMU to emulate a x86_64 machine to run OpenBSD 6.9 inside FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE with two tap interfaces. Hardware is an Intel Xeon E5450, 8GB DDR2, SATA SSD. This CPU doesn't have EPT support so I can't use bhyve and I don't want to use VirtualBox. I would like, if...
  11. I

    Are pf for FreeBSD and pf for OpenBSD the same?

    I saw in this status report about: Ethernet support for pf pf syncookie support and would like to clarify: Isn't pf develped by OpenBSD? And if so, would these be the same development for pf in OpenBSD and these same features would make its way into OpenBSD as well? And if not, pf for...
  12. I

    bhyve bhyve memory leak

    I notice that there is substantial memory leak after using and shutting down a bhyve VM (in particular, I'm testing with OpenBSD guests). Starting from a freshly booted FreeBSD host (v.13), the Wired memory is about 500 MB, and after running the VM and ... - irregardless of setting the VM to...
  13. I

    bhyve Strange problem of "mouse pointer becoming unclickable" in bhyve VM

    I'm now experiencing a strange problem of the "mouse pointer becoming unclickable" inside a bhyve VM. Host OS: FreeBSD 13 bhyve command: (partial) -s 29,fbuf,tcp=,w=1200,h=1000 \ -s 31,lpc \...
  14. I

    bhyve Adjusting or Preventing Screen height from shrinking when running bhyve VMs

    I usually expand my Terminal window to take the full height of the screen. After running a bhyve VM (e.g. OpenBSD) - running and after shutting down the VM - the usuable height of the Terminal screen/window became shortened. How can I prevent this? Note: There is no fbuf in my bhyve option and...
  15. I

    bhyve nested bhyve virtual machines

    I'm now trying nested bhyve virtual machines: Host OS: FreeBSD 13 Guest OS: FreeBSD 13 Yet Another Guest OS inside FreeBSD 13: OpenBSD 6.9 Upon trying to execute the "bhyve" command inside the Guest OS: FreeBSD 13, I get the following: So, is there a way to make it work?
  16. I

    bhyve Cannot type into bhyve OpenBSD guest (ie. not keyboard input)

    I'm trying to install/configure OpenBSD bhyve guests, by following these instructions. Host OS: FreeBSD 13 Guest OS: OpenBSD 6.9 First, when I connect to the VM using VNC, I notice that it actually uses a different console. The text which are output the KDE Konsole terminal console is different...
  17. I

    bhyve Is it possible to run OpenBSD virtualization (vm) within bhyve?

    I've launched an OpenBSD instance within bhyve. I'm testing if it is possible to run OpenBSD's virtualization (vm) by executing this command (from within OpenBSD): and it returned nothing. So, it is possible to set bhyve to to enable OpenBSD to run virtualization?
  18. A

    Solved Thermal information, reported by Intel processors

    There's a comment in the BUGS section of the OpenBSD cpu(4) man page: I'm wondering, whether * It's an Intel-specific bug, and both FreeBSD and OpenBSD have the same problem. OR * It's an OpenBSD specific problem, thus it doesn't apply to FreeBSD.
  19. D

    Installing FreeBSD with serial console on OpenBSDs vmd

    Hey, I need a FreeBSD VM on OpenBSDs vmd. The thing is that OpenBSDs vmd only supports serial console. How do I install FreeBSD with serial console? Has anyone expierence on that topic?
  20. angelvg

    PF PF NAT on internal interface with public IP on this

    Hello friends, I need configure one new BSD with PF to resolve this scenario... [ISP]------bnx0[BSD]bnx4------{LAN} ISP IPv4 bnx0 Gateway IPv4 <- ISP Public IP bnx4 IPv4 <- Our own pool of public's IP's alias...