1. NapoleonWils0n

    obs studio enable nvenc encoding on freebsd 14

    Enable nvenc encoding on obs studio by fixing a typo in with-glibc-shim the typo has been fixed with with-glibc-shim and the instruction below are no longer needed but ill leave the commands as a record the commit below didnt make it to the last quarterly release, but we can fix the issue...
  2. NapoleonWils0n

    obs studio nvenc encoding with nv-sglrun need a bit of help

    I'm trying to get obs studio working with nvenc encoding on my dell xps 15 2019 using nv-sglrun, which should be possible according to this post on bugs.freebsd.org "At the moment there are no native FreeBSD versions of libcuda.so/libnvidia-encode.so/libnvcuvid.so, so to actually use NVENC we...
  3. hakova

    Nvidia hardware accelaration for Plex server

    Hi all, I found an older post about this topic in this forum and wanted to check if anybody was able make any progress about this. Basically, I have a FreeBSD VM that serves my Plex-plexpass server wonderfully. I truly have no complaints about the performance and responsiveness of it, which I...