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    Simpler alternative to nomad

    Hello all, I am looking for a lightweight alternative to nomad to manage and monitor tasks & services (< 50) across a few hosts (FreeBSD, Linux and ... Docker) Nomad is great but the minimal prod setup/topology is a bit overkill for my need right now (unless I run it in -dev mode...) It can...
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    jails How do I run jailed services with nomad?

    I am new to FreeBSD & jails. I am aware that using a tool like sysutils/pot would probably do what I wanna do but my goal is to learn before picking one of those. I have created a set of thin jail using ZFS snapshots...
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    Pot and nomad

    We run around 100 vm's (staging and production) and most of those are running FreeBSD. The last two years we've made some progress in shifting to ansible and single function vm's. Deploying vm's is done with ansible, where the playbook creates a custom install iso, which gets deployed to Proxmox...