1. Sivan!

    Solved Command to deinstall and reinstall an application installed from git

    I am somewhat familiar with the install and uninstall processes by pkg and ports, installed Community Solid Server from the git, please point me to the proper method of completely removing and reinstalling this application, installed with the commands: git clone...
  2. JonnySac

    How to make a dependency on npm-node12 or higher?

    Hello, I am making a port, and I was wondering what the proper solution is to the following dependency question. The software I am porting has a build and run dependency on Node.js v12 or higher (and actually yarn-node >= 12 also). Since there are separate ports for each LTS version...
  3. nik0tine

    Solved node.js behind apache24

    Happy new year guys! What is the most clever way to serve a node.js app, alongside an existing website hosted on freebsd? I want to serve the node app via https, on say port 3000 as I have already certbot doing this job just fine. WITH website on php Thanks alot for your suggestions (any!)...
  4. nactusberrilli

    Solved RP continuous GPIO pin reading (polling)

    I'm writing a little lib (wrapper) in NodeJS using basic gpioctl commands for the RP. Something like this: ... module.exports.toggle_led = function (pin_number, callback) { let err = new Error(); if (typeof (pin_number) != "number") { =
  5. A

    Node Support on FreeBSD

    Hi, We are planning to deploy our node application on FreeBSD. Can anyone suggest if there are any open issues which we should be aware of? Are there any node packages which may not be supported on FreeBSD? Thanks for the help..
  6. O

    Running a Program Right After ROOT User Logged In

    Hi I was developing an application which needs to be run like a startup app , right when the root user logged in , the program will run (so no more access to the terminal and just using the application) . I have no other users and there's just root. how can I achieve this ? and something...
  7. R

    Unable to upgrade "pkg" on FreeBSD version 8.4

    I am looking forward to install Node.js v6.10.0 on my FreeBSD 8.4 machine. $ sysctl -n kern.osrelease kern.ostype 8.4-RELEASE FreeBSD To Install Node.js using ports, it needs pkg v1.6.0 $ cd /usr/ports/www/node/ && make install clean ===> node-7.7.2 pkg(8) must be version 1.6.0 or...
  8. cybermerlin

    nodejs npm install (core dumped)

    on FreeBSD 10.2 #cd /var/www/ #npm install # неверная инструкция (core dumped) #npm -v # неверная инструкция (core dumped) #node -v # неверная инструкция (core dumped) How can I fix? #pkg v|grep npm # npm-3.9.2 = #pkg v|grep node # node-6.2.1_3 =
  9. R

    Solved Cannot connect to my remote HTTP server

    I have installed a FreeBSD10 instance on Amazon EC2. By using pkg I have also installed nodejs, npm. I have put a simple HTTP server code in my directory: /usr/ec2-user/app1/index.js with code: var koa = require('koa');// is an http app framework var app = koa(); app.use(function * () {...