1. I

    Solved Is electron having build issues again? Signal messaging app missing from latest pkgs.

    As the title asks. Is Electron having compile issues again? I've noticed for the past few weeks that Signal is no longer in the repo. If this is the case, is there an actual, portable Electron alternative that works 1:1? Like MariaDB is to MySQL (although that's just a MySQL comparable server...
  2. B

    node16 depends on python310 and python38 simultaneously

    I use python310 as system default (/etc/make.conf). When I try to build node16 from ports it tries to build and install dependant python38 port. I have already HATED python! All packages try to install ALL versions of python to my system at the same time!!! When will this stupid python language...
  3. nik0tine

    Solved node.js behind apache24

    Happy new year guys! What is the most clever way to serve a node.js app, alongside an existing website hosted on freebsd? I want to serve the node app via https, on say port 3000 as I have already certbot doing this job just fine. WITH website on php Thanks alot for your suggestions (any!)...
  4. A

    Node Support on FreeBSD

    Hi, We are planning to deploy our node application on FreeBSD. Can anyone suggest if there are any open issues which we should be aware of? Are there any node packages which may not be supported on FreeBSD? Thanks for the help..
  5. H

    Node.js based ports : how do you handle the npm install?

    Hello, I have been trying to make a port for NodeBB, a forum software using Node.js. Once the project has been fetched, you also need to install dependencies (a lot of them) using the npm install command. But when building with poudriere, you have access to the network only during...
  6. T

    castnow stopped working

    castnow stopped working after I upgraded node and npm to latest versions. When I start it it goes laubching, ready, idle. On my Chromecast screen I see the red YouTube logo. Then nothing more happens until castnow says "lost connection". Details: root@kg-core1# uname -a FreeBSD