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    "No Screens Found"

    Help out. I have a FreeBSD game machine. It was the fifth year of trouble-free use, but then one day, when turning on, an error got out "No Screens Found" And I am on FreeBSD and Linux a little less than zero. I checked the video card, in perfect order. Even stress tests pass without errors...
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    AMD R7 4700H: Trouble starting X. No devices connected, no screens found.

    Hi, I am having some difficulties trying to setup and run X on my laptop. I've followed this guide from the forum to set it up, and viewed many different related threads, but still can't solve the issue. I've pasted below the output log while trying to run startx, and also my config file. I've...
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    Solved Error `(EE) no screens found (EE)` on intel and vesa xorg drivers

    Hello there! I get a xorg error `(EE) no screens found (EE)` when trying to set up xorg on xf86-video-intel on a very standard system, HP ProDesk 600 G3, which has a Intel i5-7500. I can run xorg using the xf86-video-scfb driver, but my second screen is not recognized in xrandr. I...
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    Solved How to: Solving Xorg with Nvidia Issues No Screens Found(EE) and other nasty problems/gremlins

    Hello all! As my first post as a FreeBSD member, I want to try and address a problem that PLAGUED me for months and months with Nvidia graphics processing units (GPUs) and Xorg configuration issues. I suppose solutions like this come from people who find problems irksome and set out to address...