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  1. codetrotter

    IPv6 routing for VNET jails on FreeBSD 13-RELEASE

    Hi, I have a IPv6 address block of prefix size 64. On my host computer running FreeBSD 13-RELEASE I have three jails: jls JID IP Address Hostname Path 1 svcfw /usr/jail/svcfw 2 www...
  2. jsaunders

    Solved ipv6 and downing interfaces

    I am seeking help here as despite reading the documentation for rc.conf I am clearly missing something. I wish vtnet0 to be disabled on boot along with ipv6 being disabled on vtnet1. I am perhaps being lead astray from the output so forgive me, I am a new user to BSD. rc.conf...
  3. D

    net-mgmt/netbox: configure as a directory service (not vhost)

    Port net-mgmt/netbox is a nice tool widely used for IPAM and DECIM maintenance, so I tried to use it for maintenance purposes at work. I never got past the setup, since the example shown in FreeBSD's wiki ( only covers a setup as vhost, which...
  4. jdb

    Solved Weird problem with ipv6 | Can't access server from the internet

    Hey guys :) I recently noticed that I couldn't access my website on my server. Some information: OS: FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE-p4 pf: disabled ipv6 only?: YES ISP supports ipv6 and SLAAC?: YES Router: AVM Fritz!Box 7490 ping6 is enabled in my router settings (for the server) but fails when I use...