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  1. Sergei_Shablovsky

    How to determine the NIC port state? (cable plugged yes/no, link yes/no, etc)

    Dear BSD gurus! How to determine the NIC port state (cable plugged yes/no, link yes/no, 10/100/1000 speed link, etc) ? Thank You all!
  2. Sergei_Shablovsky

    PF How BSD pf performance depend on CPU frequency, L2/L3 cache size

    Hi, hardware gurus! How exactly BSD pf performance (in matter of low latency, high PPS, etc) depend on bus frequency, main CPU frequency and L2/L3 cache size in multi-package (mean physical multi-CPU, like Intel E5500/5600, E5-2000 series) server systems that intend working as border firewall...
  3. S

    Network card firmware installation: need help

    Please tell me how to install the firmware update from Intel for network card Intel Ethernet Connection X552/X557-AT 10GBASE-T on motherboard Supermicro X10SDV-4C-TLN2F...
  4. I

    Solved Do we have driver for HP 581201-B21 NIC card?

    I'd like to buy 2 SFP+ cards and this HP 581201-B21 is dirt cheap compared to the alternatives. Last year it was 2.5x more expensive, so it looks like a really good deal. Idk why it became that cheap, probably it is retired. I am curious if I could use this with the latest FreeBSD? It would be...
  5. Sergei_Shablovsky

    How to see which NIC is installed in which PCI slot by script ?

    Hi, FreeBSD guru! Is it possible at all to see which NIC is installed in which PCI slot by script ? As I know this may be something near the dmidecode and pciconf commands. But interesting to determine which exactly motherboard PCI slot are used for which NIC. I know that different...
  6. leeand00

    Sabrent PCI-802N Ralink Card Configures fine, ssid not being detected

    The wireless card I'm using is a Sabrent PCI-802N Ralink RT3062F PBG26220E0 I tested the card in Linux and was able to connect another access point and retrieve webpages; in Linux it used the rt2800pci driver; though I didn't set it up as an AP. autoboot_delay="3" if_ral_load="YES"...
  7. Will Crooks

    Sun 501-6522-07

    I have three Sun 501-6522-07 cards in a Dell Poweredge 2850 and they are recognized and configurable inside FreeBSD 10.3 however no traffic is sent out or received by the NICs. I have checked /boot/kernel and if_cas.ko wasn't there. Am I correct to assume that file needs to be loaded into the...
  8. L

    Solved Intel 10Gb NIC card not recognized by FreeBSD 10.3

    Hi, I installed a 10GB Intel NIC card (Intel® Ethernet Converged Network Adapter XL710 10/40 GbE) on FreeBSD 10.3 on Dell T630 machine. FreeBSD 10.3 is not recognizing the NIC card. pciconf shows that the NIC card is not recognized. I find the following message on dmesg I tried to unload the...