1. A

    Solved simple NFS server

    Hi, I'll try to keep the scenario as simple as possible, just what I need, and leave out all the other things that didn't work while experimenting with nfs. I have the following working: # /etc/exports V4: / /exports/pub /exports/priv This "works" - I can mount (from a linux machine) with...
  2. AnonSecondLineSupp

    NFSv4 file server problems

    Hi, Part of my job is supporting Linux users at a university, and we have recently migrated one of our file servers from Solaris to FreeBSD. We've had some problems and hence I'm posting here. HW: CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2667 v4 @ 3.20GHz (3200.07-MHz K8-class CPU) real memory =...
  3. M

    Jailed NAS: NFS and Kerberos

    Dear FreeBSD Community! I'm planning to setup a NAS (for my family, a mix of Windows, Linux and Mac OS Clients) in a jail on my FreeBSD machine (which should replace my actual Linux-based homeserver step by step). So I prepared a jail with it's own IP, set up samba and joined our Active...
  4. O

    UID/GID Mapping NFS FreeBSD and Debian

    Hi community, I have a little problem with my NFS-Server (based on FreeBSD10.3). When I mount on the client (Debian 8 or RHEL/CentOS) the mount will not all UID/GIDs mapped correctly. Some files or folder has the ID 4294967294 as user or group. The users I got from winbind what it working...