1. D

    PF NFSv4 vs PF

    Hello Friends, I'm kinda new on FreeBSD firewall and i'm having some issues setting up a NFSv4 file server with a PF firewall. Every time I enable my firewall I get dropped from NFSv4. My pf.conf is very simple and it looks its working for both SSH and SMB but not for NFS: block in all pass...
  2. cbunn

    NFS issues with macOS clients

    I've been running a FreeBSD NAS for a long time now with ZFS filesystems shared via NFS. In the past, macOS had no issues connecting, though the default when using Finder was NFSv3. Good enough for me. But I've recently upgraded from Mojave (10.14) to Ventura (13.2) and have been having trouble...
  3. spmzt

    Solved ERR 20: Auth Credentials are too weak (NFSv4 + KRB5)

    Hi, I want to share a directory with NFSv4 + Kerberos. Here is my configuration: NFS Server: (also tested with -alldirs before and yes I want to use the krb5p) /etc/exports V4: /tank/ds -sec=krb5p /tank/ds -sec=krb5p -maproot=root Also /etc/rc.conf ...
  4. C

    Kerberized NFSv4 -> NFS over TLS on 13.0

    Has anyone got a good reference for how to set up krb5p security? I've got NFSv4 running fine without security, but that kerberos setup has been a major pain in the neck. There doesn't seem to be much logging going on, no matter how much -d or -h's I use. It appears, Wireshark is my only utility...
  5. A

    Solved simple NFS server

    Hi, I'll try to keep the scenario as simple as possible, just what I need, and leave out all the other things that didn't work while experimenting with nfs. I have the following working: # /etc/exports V4: / /exports/pub /exports/priv This "works" - I can mount (from a linux machine) with...
  6. AnonSecondLineSupp

    NFSv4 file server problems

    Hi, Part of my job is supporting Linux users at a university, and we have recently migrated one of our file servers from Solaris to FreeBSD. We've had some problems and hence I'm posting here. HW: CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2667 v4 @ 3.20GHz (3200.07-MHz K8-class CPU) real memory =...
  7. M

    Jailed NAS: NFS and Kerberos

    Dear FreeBSD Community! I'm planning to setup a NAS (for my family, a mix of Windows, Linux and Mac OS Clients) in a jail on my FreeBSD machine (which should replace my actual Linux-based homeserver step by step). So I prepared a jail with it's own IP, set up samba and joined our Active...
  8. O

    UID/GID Mapping NFS FreeBSD and Debian

    Hi community, I have a little problem with my NFS-Server (based on FreeBSD10.3). When I mount on the client (Debian 8 or RHEL/CentOS) the mount will not all UID/GIDs mapped correctly. Some files or folder has the ID 4294967294 as user or group. The users I got from winbind what it working...